Senior business administration

Course Introduction

The rapid development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has had a strong impact on all aspects of the socio-economic life. In that context, what should businesses do to grasp trends and take advantage of opportunities in a timely manner?

Business leaders must not only bravely choose business methods that adapt to the new era, but also need to have a breakthrough in technology in accordance with business trends and models, especially technology. corporate governance.

Following that approach, the PREMIUM BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION training program is designed to update the knowledge of corporate governance and administration in the 4.0 era. The course will help staff in key leadership positions can change in thinking and action, leading the business to become “great” and “enduring”.

Course objective

The training program provides:

  • Background knowledge growing business in 4.0 era
  • Creative thinking to build strategy, design a governance system ready for any challenge.
  • New approach to marketing & amp; branding of business and business leadership


  • Members of Board of Directors / Board of Directors / Functional Directors
  • Head / Deputy Head of Departments, Divisions
  • Those who have the desire to become Business Leaders, Managers


  • Are professionals with extensive practical experience, in-depth knowledge of leadership, management, entrepreneurial spirit and modern approach, currently working in enterprises, economic corporations. major, leading universities in Vietnam

Course content

STT Topic Content Duration
1 Strategy and business success
    • The strategic context in the 4.0 era
    • Business strategy following a 4.0


  • Organizational Restructuring and System Setup
  • Culture and strategic leadership
  • Control and adjust your strategy
03 sessions
2 Building leadership
  • Elements of Leadership
  • Enlightenment from within
  • Make an attractive image,
  • Build confidence
  • Business leadership and social responsibility
  • Build a professional leader image

& nbsp;

03 sessions
3 Building a business development platform
  • The essence of an enterprise development platform
  • The “Four Pillars” of the Business Development Platform
  • Leading with Building an Business Development Platform
  • Enterpriseized in doing work
02 sessions
4 Marketing and branding
  • Analyze customer, market, product needs
  • Strategy & amp; marketing tools; Marketing Mix
  • Brand and brand value
  • Positioning for branding
  • Brand of business and brand of leadership

& nbsp;

03 sessions
5 The Art of Communication
  • The importance of communication in business
  • The art of listening in communication
  • Modern communication culture
  • Body language in communication
  • Professional appearance and attire
02 sessions
6 Design a governance system ready for the 4.0 challenge
    • The way to become “great” and “enduring”
    • Deploy your goal to all levels using the BSC

“balanced scorecard”

  • Set up an apparatus suitable for your strategic goal
  • Works based on leadership, people, and processes
  • The Challenge of Revolution 4.0 with Organizational Design
02 sessions
Total course duration 15 sessions

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