Modern hospital administration

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development and Research


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Modern hospital administration

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Course Objectives:

Chương trình đào tạo cung cấp:

  • Knowledge specialized in hospital administration
  • New approach in building a modern hospital culture and image
  • Essential skills to improve hospital service quality

Đối tượng tham gia:

  • Leadership Board of Hospitals, Medical Centers
  • Head / Deputy Head of specialized departments / divisions of the Department of Health


Experts with rich practical experience, in-depth knowledge of management, management, with strategic vision, are currently working in enterprises, major economic groups, and top universities. of Vietnam.

Course content:

STT Thematic Content Time
1    Safe and friendly environmental governance in the hospital
  • The relationship between the tangible environment and the quality of service
  • Hospital security
  • Explosion safety
  • The “green” hospital
01 day
2    Finance and accounting for hospital leaders
  • Latest financial regulations for non-business units
  • Revenue management and development
  • Health service investment financing mechanisms
  • Effective financial management
01 day
3    Branding and effective communication
  • The value of the brand
  • Carrier brand
  • Build and develop the brand of the hospital
  • Organizing communication activities
01 day
4    Predict and handle risks in hospitals
  • Risks and opportunities – two sides of real life
  • Risk Management Strategy and Principles
  • Main types of risks in health facilities
  • Risk management practices in Vietnamese health facilities
01 day
5    Hospital governance through cultural and image building
  • Characteristics of the organizational culture of a hospital
  • Building a culture of organizing healing, saving people
  • Building up the quality of a modern physician
  • Use cultural leverage in innovation programs
01 day
6    Innovative and creative management in hospital
  • Encourage an innovative, creative environment
  • Types of innovation
  • Developing the capacity of innovation and creativity
  • Think big – do small through initiatives
01 day
7    Managing the quality of medical examination and treatment services
  • Quality of service according to patient approach
  • Medical service quality management
  • The process of implementing medical service quality management tools
  • Build a quality culture in a hospital
01 day
8    Improve medical examination and treatment process
  • Service Delivery Process Design Principles
  • Steps and participants of the medical examination and treatment process
  • Analyze and evaluate the current hospital clinical practice
  • Applying cloud computing to deploy, improve, and change the medical process
01 day
Total course duration 08 day


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