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Challenges for governance in the 21st century

The world has undergone a volatile transformation into the new millennium with ever-increasing complexity around the globe. We cannot use the usual way of thinking and approach as before in today\’s volatile social environment. Governance in a complex and increasingly transformative environment is indeed a big challenge for leaders and managers.

What makes business leaders headache?

  • Unstable business environment, difficult to forecast
  • The speed of development of technology makes enterprises lag behind and lose the market
  • Find a way to fix the weaknesses, but productivity improves very slowly
  • Applying modern tools BSC, KPI, OKR, 3P … but not really effective
  • Meeting and reporting have become an obsession for subordinates
  • Get caught up in work and don\’t have time to spend with yourself and your family

The Effective Director Training Program (CEE), carried out by the Institute of Strategic Leadership (SLEADER) with the support of the Malik Institute, Switzerland, offers a new approach to effective governance:

  • Management is a profession that everyone needs to work effectively: management is not a title but a profession that requires high efficiency. Only effective governance turns all resources into value.
  • Effective management aims to do the right thing and do the right thing: The leader is the one who leads the system, deciding the most appropriate allocation of resources, so you need to know the right choice to avoid waste, create be of outstanding efficiency.
  • Effective management with skills and tools, not by innate ability. Therefore, the administrator can be trained and when it comes to the management tools, the management will be good and effective.
  • Governance must excel in overall efficiency: Effective governance does not mean increasing the position of a leader, but the ultimate goal must be to contribute to the general good of the organization. The results and achievements of the business are a measure of the manager\’s ability to manage.
  • Correct and good governance is effective but still enjoy the joy of life: Efficiency can only be sustainable when creating balance in life and is the driving force rather than a burden for managers.


  • The program starts with a new way of thinking to respond to the challenges of a new unpredictable and volatile environment;
  • Approach to results-oriented methods instead of skills in handling non-systematic situations;
    The program helps improve organizational governance and personal governance effectively, suitable for leaders, managers and individuals wishing to improve management and leadership skills effectively.
  • The program is a combination of effective Western methods and promoting Eastern cultural strengths to build effective governance tools;
  • Based on system thinking, the Program makes fundamental and comprehensive changes in management methods, creating synchronous and sustainable development for businesses and organizations.


  • Leaders of businesses and organizations
  • Middle management staff
  • Resource officers

TIME: 02 days (04 sessions) arranged by the unit


ID Thematic Content
1 Effective governance in the new era · Environment complex VUCA

· Effective governance factors

· Effective management

· The administrator\’s KPI is effective

2 Result-oriented · Set up the right goals

· Focus on key points

· Contribution to the overall

· Personal work method

· Performance evaluation

3 Outstanding based on strengths · Strengths – leverage for superiority

· Organizational strengths

· Personal strengths

· Resonance power in organizations

4 Positive thinking & Confidence building · Recognize positive thinking

· Methods of generating Positive Mindset

· Apply a positive mindset in governance

· Build trust values

· Self-discipline & self-management

Total duration: 4 sessions

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