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    Application of Malik management system in corporate governance

    Course Introduction

    Vietnamese enterprises are facing the opportunities and challenges of the extensive international integration process, with the beginning of the Industry 4.0. Issues such as: Market expansion, competitors, talent attraction, crisis response capacity, and speed of technological change are the biggest barriers. In that context, in order to capture and master this transformation, Vietnamese enterprises need a revolution in management and governance in order to shift resources to make appropriate decisions.

    In order to provide Vietnamese businesses with multi-dimensional management tools to adapt to major social changes, the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader) cooperates with the Malik Institute, Switzerland. training on “Applying Malik Management System in Corporate Governance”. These tools have been successfully deployed in many organizations around the world, can be considered as one of the solutions to help Vietnamese businesses capture and master the great transformation of the 21st century.

    Course benefits

    • Approach a holistic management model based on European-class systems thinking
    • Application of models: Two S-curves, Malik Sensitivity, Integrated Management
    • Case analysis of organizations that have successfully applied the Malik Management System
    • Supporting the application of models and tools in the Malik management system to solve corporate governance problems


    • Board Members
    • Board of Directors / Functional Directors
    • Head / Deputy Head of Departments, Divisions
    • All levels of management


    • TS. Constantin Malik, Executive Director of Global Relations and Development, Malik Institute, Switzerland
    • TS. Nguyen Nam, Regional Director for Australia and Southeast Asia, Malik Institute, Switzerland


    • July 2020 in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

    Course content


    STT Topic Content Length
    1 Administration based on & nbsp;
    • Current state of business from a systematic lens
    • The difference between the two current systems approaches: Responsive Systems Thinking and Total System Thinking
    • System awareness and problem solving model following the system approach
    • Types of system errors in the enterprise
    01 session
    2 System Diagnostics
    • Two S-Curved Model: How to define “Critical decision-making area” and “Shifting resources”
    • Integrated Management Model (IMS): 24 essentials and enough for efficient operation of your business
    • Practice evaluating 24 factors for business
    01 session
    3 Determine the right leverage
    • Introduction of Malik Sensitivity Model
    • Analyze the impact of core business factors
    • Determine the right leverage with the Malik Sensitivity Model
    01 session
    4 Model Practice & nbsp;

    Malik sensitivity

    • Practice: Determine the right leverage with the Malik Sensitivity Model
    • Real-life example analysis
    • Questions & Answers
    01 session
    Total course duration 04 sessions

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