Does the business need managing?

A few decades ago, very few people knew and used the term “management,” except for the English-speaking countries. But as management gained popularity around the world, the term gradually lost its original meaning and took on others, including some that were quite absurd.

For example, the term “management” is often used when referring to business transactions, from the activities of reputable merchants to shady deals when it has no role there. As can be seen, even such important differences are difficult to recognize in the current usage of the term.

Many people learn to manage with the aim of earning greater benefits. However, profiting has nothing to do with management. If they want to get there, it\’s better for them to take a sales training course.

This explains the phenomenon, which is now common in our country, of there being people who earn a lot of money but do not develop a business career as a sustainable organization. These people are innately entrepreneurial and have made good use of or exploited market opportunities. However, by the time their own business grew in size or diversified its business lines, problems began to emerge. It\’s called management crisis, due to the fact that these bosses are very good at business but don\’t have the capacity to manage professionally. Companies, of course, need to do business. However, management here means managing the company that does business, not just managing the business only. It is necessary to distinguish clearly “doing business” and “managing the company” to see that “Company management” needs management, while “business” hardly needs management.

With more than 40 years of empirical research and personal experience, Professor Fredmund Malik, the world\’s leading expert on system thinking, governance and leadership has laid out the core for proper management in his book “Management: The Essences of The Crafts”, which unfortunately is barely well known in our country. Also in this book, you will be eye-widened at the new approaches to not only management but also to business and markets, like this for example,  why “management is nothing about doing business”.

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