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    SLEADER introduces Malik Syntegration method

    Dr. Duong Thi Thu, the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research’s (Sleader) Director, attended the seminar “Intelligent management methods in a global complex environment: Theory and practice” on January 21, 2021, which was organized by the Institute of Business Administration at the University of Economics and Business, Hanoi National University.

    The theoretical and practical foundations of intelligent management were discussed at the seminar. There were numerous modern management topics covered, including the trend of modern management replacing traditional management, work-life balance in intelligent management, the use of systemics, cybernetics, and bionics in management, the effects of global complex environment on businesses and organizations operation, and digital transformation in corporate governance.

    TS. Dương Thị Thu thuyết trình tại hội thảo Quốc gia “Quản trị thông minh trong môi trường phức hợp toàn cầu: Lý luận và thực tiễn”

    Dr. Duong Thi Thu gave a presentation at the National Conference “Intelligent management methods in a global complex environment: Theory and practice”

    The Malik Syntegration approach was discussed as a tool in intelligent management by Dr. Duong Thi Thu, Director of the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader). The conference attendees were drawn in by the Syntegration tool’s uniqueness, novelty, and superiority.

    Professor Fredmund Malik’s assertion that the world is undergoing the “Great transformation of the 21st century,” marked by growing complexity, was highlighted by Dr. Duong Thi Thu. This is the period when enterprises require a thorough change, from development orientation to management approaches, to be able to perform above and beyond their expectations, outstanding, and sustainable. Complexity makes the world more unpredictable. Syntegration is an intelligent management technique that aids companies in quickly identifying the best answers to their most difficult problems.

    TS. Dương Thị Thu trình bày về mô hình Đồng hợp

    The Syntegration model was introduced by Dr. Duong Thi Thu.

    Dr. Duong Thi Thu discussed the advantages of the Syntegration approach, stating that it was created to address the problem of a small group of individuals working efficiently but having limited knowledge against a large group which has the advantage of a huge group of intelligence but is less effective. The Syntegration method optimizes collective intelligence through revolutionary modifications in information exchange, making it 80 times more successful than the conventional discussion method. More than 1000 businesses from around the world, including Airbus, Volkswagen, Daimler-Benz (the manufacture of Mercedes Benz) … have used the Syntegration to successfully address their biggest difficulties.

    Các lãnh đạo, doanh nhân và chuyên gia tham dự hội thảo

    Leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts attended the seminar

    The Malik Institute, Switzerland has only transferred the Syntegration method to the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader) so far in Vietnam. GDC Group Joint Stock Company has successfully used this model. The Syntegration phases not only assisted the participants in identifying the solution to the company’s major difficulty, but also in building consensus, which aided in the rapid adoption of the proposed course of action. Positive feedback from members indicates that this is a high-performance approach that boosts the team’s energy and helps them cement their faith in the direction of their company.

    Dr. Duong Thi Thu stressed the Syntegration method’s value as a management tool as she wrapped up her presentation. To assist organizations and enterprises in operating more intelligently and promptly adjusting to the great transformation of the twenty-first century, this model must be applied widely.

    News and photos: the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader)

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