MSA – The optimal solution of corporate governance system

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MSA – The optimal solution of corporate governance system

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In Vietnam, COVID-19 has left remarkable remnants: Although the epidemic situation is not as bad as many countries in the world, Vietnam\’s economy also paid the price with a seemingly endless stagnation in the first half of this year. Many large enterprises have to close branches, small and medium-sized enterprises also have to withdraw from the market – in 2020 alone, there were 70,000 businesses suspending operations and closing in Vietnam. It can be said that, the pandemic has exposed deadly weaknesses in the governance of many businesses. In the post-COVID-19 era, the economy as a whole desperately needs to be revived quickly. This process begins with the evaluation of the position as well as the management system of the enterprise; however, many businesses do not have the right tools to complete this task properly and effectively.

In this context, Sleader, Malik, and TMA Solutions have co-created an integrated enterprise assessment tool – Malik Management Assessment (MSA) Software. MSA software uses the technological know-how of the Malik Institute, Switzerland, which is a system of 24 core elements. This system has been used to advise many European and international businesses.

Assessing the state of businesses is no one\’s business

Previously in business reviews, management often had to go through many steps of evaluation, interviews, surveys,… It takes a lot of time and cost. Moreover, this process usually focuses only on management and management level but does not get the opinion of the majority of employees. Now, MSA software is at the forefront of an overview and comprehensive assessment method for all members of the business. The MSA software development team believes that, the strength of the organization comes from the majority, not from the rank or high position. So MSA is designed for businesses to evaluate the governance apparatus more accurately, and on a broader scale. With this approach, the opinions of every employee in every department are equally weighted and on par with management, which enables the software to process information in a much more general and objective way than other normal evaluation processes.

Why should businesses use MSA?

Running a business in a new and fast-growing market like Vietnam is not based solely on human resources but requires the participation of automated software and systems. Currently, each industry and department uses management software, such as a booking management system (hotel), HR management system, or product quality management system. However, these software only take on individual parts and cannot give a big picture of the management system of the business.

Meanwhile, MSA is an integrated software that allows businesses to evaluate all aspects from management, strategy, personnel,… After the members of the business participate in the evaluation, the software will give an overall picture of the current state of the business, systematize the data on how each element works with diagrams and visual images. With these results, managers can see for themselves the key points in the operation of the business and come up with optimal solutions themselves. The evaluation of the business, which used to cost a lot of money and time, now can be completed in just 1 day with MSA software.

In particular, MSA software can be used by many different enterprise sizes. Currently Sleader offers service packs according to the number of reviewers: 15, 30, or 45 people.

And more than that,

When applying for MSA software, businesses can register for one of the following 3 service levels to achieve the best results:

Level 1: Self-assessment of corporate governance system

When applying for this level, the business will receive software and login information corresponding to the number of participants in the review. The result will be a panorama of the current state of the business with charts and visual drawings.

Mô hình phần mên MSA
MSA software model
Mô hình phần mềm MSA
MSA software model

Level 2: Detailed assessment of corporate governance system

At level 2, besides the product received which is an overview and details from MSA software, enterprises will receive reports from experts participating in evaluating and analyzing the situation of the business in detail.

Level 3: 1-2-1 intensive consultation customized for the business

When businesses signs up for the service of level 3, the customers will not only receive a direct review derived from the software, but Sleader\’s consultants will do survey and propose specific solutions for them. Based on the situation analyzed by the software and experts, Sleader will accompany the enterprise to implement the solution.

What will businesses get when using MSA software?

As such, it is clear that the practical benefits for organizations and businesses to use the MSA software are as follows:

  • Comprehensive review:MSA software evaluates the core issues, analyzes the mutual impact among elements in the system, helps managers get a comprehensive view of the business;
  • Shorten the time:Managers can get the overall picture of the business in just 30 minutes;
  • Cost savings:From only 3 million VND, businesses can participate in evaluating the entire system.
  • The optimal solution: Based on the evaluation results, enterprises can actively find solutions to optimize the operation of the business.

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