The new role of HR in times of turmoil

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous disruptions in life and in business, human resources (HR) are key to company support and also a catalyst for change in the workplace. job. Organizations need to think, evaluate and re-examine how talent is nurtured, deliver new services, and strengthen the organization through innovative HR strategies – how to deliver the most engaging experiences .

HR handles complex issues including employee support, leadership development, salary and benefits, as well as long hours and strategic partnerships across the organization. Here are some important ways HR can run, collaborate, and drive the best of the organization.

Organizational restructuring

System Thinking . To survive, businesses must adapt to future work innovation and be able to move rapidly to make an impact. HR is arguably the best position to track overall processes and provide systematic perspectives, ensuring coordination, exchange and collaboration between units, functions and business groups. . HR can easily generate discussions to recreate, balance, and re-prioritize business goals to adapt to the needs of customers and markets in the face of volatile crises.

Company culture . Organizational culture is also an important area in human resources. For employees working from home, culture is the foundation of decisions and work ethic. It is deliberately examined to lead to choices and actions. Julie Stich, CEBS, Vice President International Organization for the Welfare of Workers (IFEBP), said: “When we create a work environment, be it in the office or at home, the employers need to consider how company culture is impacting them. ” Employees can conduct a corporate culture assessment and bridge the gap between the current culture and the desired culture, helping them manage variables that affect company culture. They can point out where to focus and how to maintain culture during isolation. This change is critical and HR is the best place to catalyze and drive organizational regeneration.

Leadership . In tough times, we need excellent leadership to deliver business success. HR has a key role to play in developing managers, ensuring their success and their responsibilities. According to Amy Leschke-Kahle, Corporate Vice President Marcus Buckingham, said: “As an organization\’s talent manager, HR is responsible for creating activities that maintain focus, ensure continuous connectivity. between important parties such as team leaders and members. ” Leaders require new skills in advancing remote management, motivating employees toward a common vision amid ambiguity, calm and clarity, and streamlined work arrangements. team members and building community within the business.

Talent Strategy

Talent acquisition strategies . An organization\’s success is based on getting the right people in the right place and the role of HR is indispensable in the process. A recent study of 600 executives across 20 industries found that, when company talents and business strategy are linked, the organization is more likely to retain top talent and achieve top talent. Get outstanding performance. Good management during a pandemic requires fundamental changes. At this point, some parts of the organization may be shut down, others need to be accelerated. This move requires strategic re-arrangement, flexibility, access and exploitation of the “Gig economy” (Free Work Economy) quickly and effectively. When companies reopen or speed the process back to normal, every company starts out in some way. New startups require employees to invent new, solve problems and experiment .. The employee value problem is changing, and HR takes on the role of ensuring its recruiting brand stays strong. strong, creating an attractive environment to attract talent.

Human Resources. People need to feel a sense of community, common purpose and a friendly work environment. Human resources come from goodwill, team spirit, association and sharing of insights to work together most effectively. HR has a role in helping organizations build, maintain, and operate social capital among all employees. Setting up mentoring programs and affiliate groups, developing teams, and ensuring the integration of new employees are the things HR can make a difference.

Mounting . Cohesion is extremely difficult to guarantee when people work from home because this particular workplace cannot allow everyone to work together. “Full management and partial management of teams while working remotely is a skill that helps us weather a pandemic, organizations will need to adjust how work is done to meet that” Mr. Dave Garrett, Director of Strategy and Growth, Project Management Institute (PMI). HR can creatively propose activities that engage all employees. We can also track this engagement with quick surveys or create feedback loops to give leaders a measure of where they need improvement to engage the organization.

Diversity, equity and inclusion . Different groups are affected by the pandemic in different ways, and HR has a special role here – ensuring diversity, equity and inclusion. This includes educating the organization, diversifying practical experiences and taking proactive steps to create balance in this “playing field”. Personnel can bring diversity in discussions to provide equal opportunities for participation in decision-making. Coordination between discussion and action is important. Michele Meyer-Shipp, KPMG\’s Director in charge of Diversity and Inclusion, said, “This is an important moment for the organization to actively engage with employees and discuss important issues, but the Equally important is ensuring the actions that are being taken will bring about real change. ” Personnel can increase empathy, encourage discussion, and ensure the organization takes action for the right things.

Happy at work

All-round happiness . Happiness is not only about physical health, but also about perception and emotion. “As a manager, you can have a profound effect on the well-being of your employees,” Stich said. HR can extend mental support to teams, from employee support programs to thinking programs, sports, nutrition and financial counseling. Andy Ellner, CEO and co-founder of Firefly Health, a mental health care provider, agrees: “This is a very stressful time, not sure when it will end and we are now witnessed an increase in patients experiencing panic, depression and anxiety. Businesses must pay attention to the mental health of their employees, as people with a sense of overall happiness can contribute more and bring the best results to their jobs.

Life and work . Work is a part of life and a full life is when there is an opportunity to contribute worthy efforts through work. “At this point, it is important that we also look at work balance and mental health,” said Chris – COO of Boomi, from Dell Technologies. hence what the balance means to each person and how to achieve it is also different ”. Many companies share that they will continue with some home workforce and HR has to support workplace options, such as providing work tools and advising on how to arrange workspaces accordingly. well suited. “It\’s about time we realize the difference between working from home and working from home in a crisis,” says Says Port.

Human Resource Management

Jobs, benefits and benefits . HR is also the job manager, welfare and payroll system manager. In addition, a good HR unit can implement plans to increase flexibility, give employees the opportunity to change choices or change working hours (e.g. part-time to full-time) or change your retirement plan. Seamless and quality management of these processes is critical to employee finances and team confidence.

Human analysis . With the data in hand, HR is especially helpful in understanding employee experiences and providing feedback. Understanding how people work and the demographics of the organization makes HR the primary source of information for decision-making.

Development Policy . A typical HR department may plan growth for a year, but in times of crisis we need to come up with new rules and guidelines for the organization. Whether it is the new policy or the frequently asked questions ensure consistency and clarity.


Office reconstruction . When employees return to work, the company must make appropriate changes. Human Resources cooperates with all relevant departments to ensure a safe and efficient workplace. “When you get your workforce back to work, know that the situation is not the same,” says Stich. Ask yourself how can you help them feel safe and protected when they return to work? Be prepared to listen and act. ” Everything from entering the building to the aisles and how to use the lift are very important factors to consider. All these must be strictly managed.

Overall, the HR Department plays an important role as an important “key” to usher in a period of innovation and development for the business.

Source: Forbes

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