Why do Vietnamese businesses rarely announce their mission?

Mission is designed to give direction to the organization. A mission is a statement of why each business exists. To define the mission, it is necessary to answer the question “What is an enterprise established and existing for?”. The first thing businesses need to invest in is a carefully written mission statement, before they even start selling their products or services.

Mission is formed based on three main pillars: (1) business lines, (2) business philosophy, (3) aspirations of business leaders. While Google\’s Mission is to organize the world\’s information and make it accessible and useful everywhere, Microsoft has defined its mission to bring computers to every home by single application. simplifying complex tasks. Mission clearly defines the good and the benefits for all stakeholders. A recognized mission is not only to lead the organization in the right direction, but also to help attract investors, high-quality human resources, connect all members of the organization to unite, take action to achieve goals. general spending. In other words, the mission statement helps business leaders “million people”.

However, in reality, Vietnamese businesses rarely announce their mission or mission statement is not really true. To explain this situation, Research Institute Development Studies Leadership </ em> C constitutional (Sleader) has conducted surveys with business owners, administrators, and professionals. The comments focus on 3 main reasons, which are:

First , the majority of Vietnamese enterprises are small and medium-sized, established with the aim of finding profits to survive and thrive. Due to having to “make a living”, many businesses have not thought of big things like “mission”.

Second , business leaders, including large enterprises are not properly aware of the benefits of mission declaration. In addition to setting a flag to gather the strengths of employees, mission is the foundation and basis for building strategic goals in line with the organization\’s aspirations. While a mission is something that does not change, it drives positive organizational change, and helps motivate employees to achieve strategic goals, which have always been seen as challenging. For example, Minh Long Ceramics Company, by defining its mission far beyond normal vision, overcame the fear of competing Chinese ceramics to come up with a risky but successful domestic strategy.

Third , due to the influence of the small farm economy, the “small-scale” and “guild” business culture, Vietnamese businesses often have short-term, least vision. shop. New businesses only find a reason to make money in a shrinking market, and conditions haven\’t changed. Therefore, instead of declaring a mission or setting a long-term direction for the organization, business owners often choose a shortcut with immediate benefits. This results in the majority of businesses being small, fragmented and uncertain as the market expands.

It can be said that the failure to announce a mission is one of the problems of Vietnamese businesses, which is the main reason that Vietnam has few billion-dollar businesses like Google, a 100-year vision like Jack Ma, or more. into global brands such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.


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