The secrets of management as a profession shared by Professor Fredmund Malik for the first time in Vietnam

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The secrets of management as a profession shared by Professor Fredmund Malik for the first time in Vietnam

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The Institute for Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader) has successfully compiled the book Management: The Essence of the Craft  and released it widely to readers across the country. To help entrepreneurs and managers gain a deeper understanding of the book and the secrets of management as a profession, on February 17, 2022, Sleader in collaboration with the Malik Group, Switzerland, organized a Webinar: Management Profession.

The workshop warmly welcomed Prof. Fredmund Malik, one of the authors of the theories of effective management, who has spent more than 40 years doing research on management in various positions such as teacher, scientist, entrepreneur, manager; and the speakers: Dr. Duong Thu, Founder and Director of the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader), Dr. Nam Nguyen, Regional Director for Australia and Southeast Asia, Malik Group, Switzerland and Dr. Lien Tran, Deputy Dean of The Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics and Law, Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City.

Webinar: Management profession

The workshop attracted more than 240 participants, from the highest-level managers, to the middle and small entrepreneurs of the Vietnam Business Network International (BNI Vietnam); with a wide range of fields of operation: from businesses of all sizes in Vietnam and abroad, to central and local state management agencies, and also universities and hospitals. This, once again, shows the growing interest of society in the management profession.

Through more than 3 hours of continuous discussing and Q&A, the distinction of Malik’s school of management as well as Mallik’s models and management tools have been introduced and clarified with a vivid visual model by Prof. Fredmund Malik himself and his colleagues. The professor also explained new perspectives on management such as: management is about turning resources into value and value can only be formed outside the organization/business; Proper management is immutable and there is only one right type for every territory, culture, and type of organization. Again, Prof. Fredmund Malik asserted that management is a specialized profession that needs to be properly trained from the beginning and must be practiced continuously for practical proficiency. He also emphasizes the differences between management and business administration, two concepts that are still often confused in many English-speaking countries.

GS. Fredmund Malik speaks at the conference

Especially, Prof. Fredmund Malik and his colleagues argue that what every manager needs to aim for is the proper management, because, it is the one and only and can be immutable in every country and culture. For the sake of proper management and creating superior efficiency, management models of Malik have been built to support managers and leaders. They stand out and are easy to apply to all organizations, businesses of types or sizes. Two can be named are the Effective Management Wheel model and the IMS integrated management model. The principles of differential management in the Effective Management Wheel were conveyed very clearly and understandably by Dr. Duong Thu. She also emphasized two principles, which, under her notice, have not been really paid attention to by organizations and businesses. They are taking advantage of strengths and focusing on results.

In addition, the integrated management model is also an effective tool to help managers operate and manage their organizations and businesses. This model has been adopted by Malik, Sleader and TMA Solutions to build into MSA software, a comprehensive evaluation tool for organizational and enterprise management systems.

Dr. Duong Thu and Dr. Nam Nguyen presented at the workshop

At the webinar, many guests participated in the discussion, asking questions whose topics are more related to the application of Malik management models to small businesses, schools, hospitals… The professor and other speakers answered thoroughly and received the approval of the participants.

As the organizor of the webinar, Dr. Duong Thu hopes that the contents of management as a profession will help managers have accurate awareness, grasp 5 tasks, 6 principles and 7 tools to manage properly, thus creating outstanding efficiency for themselves and the organization / business they lead. In addition, Sleader, as the first organization in Vietnam to be transferred the tools and models by Malik, will continue to compile other publications of Prof. Fredmund Malik to help Vietnamese managers have quick access to effective management models and tools. Again, sshe claimed, Sleader will always be ready to accompany Vietnamese organizations and businesses on the path of prosperous and sustainable development.

News and photo: Institute for Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader)