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    The Institute of Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader) cooperates with The Association of Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs (AYVE) in consulting and training activities

    On March 2nd, 2022, Dr. Duong Thi Thu, Director of the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development (Sleader) and Mr. Nguyen Doan Thang, General Secretary of the Association of Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs (AYVE) had a discussion on the cooperation plan between the two parties.

    The Association of Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs (AYVE) is a collective member of the Vietnam Youth Union, has a network of more than 11,000 member enterprises, is the organizer of many prestigious awards such as Vietnam Gold Star and Red Star. In the context that the economy is facing many challenges from the Covid-19 pandemic, finding more solutions to help businesses overcome difficulties and continue to develop is always interested and prioritized by AYVE in its programs.

    With that goal, AYVE has selected Sleader, a pioneer in the application of advanced European tools and models in consulting and training activities. The cooperation between Sleader and AYVE will help Sleader carry out its mission of accompanying businesses in Vietnam to find a distinct development path and outstanding success.

    TS. Duong Thu, donated publications of Sleader to Mr. Nguyen Doan Thang, General Secretary of The Association of Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs

    Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Doan Thang affirmed that AYVE highly appreciated Sleader’s products and services. The two parties then agreed on a comprehensive cooperation with some outstanding contents as follows:

    Firstly, AYVE will introduce to its member enterprises the products and services of Sleader, namely: The Management System Assessment (MSA) software, a smart management tool that allows to evaluate all 24 essentials for the development of the business; The Malik Syntegration®, a 40-year research and development achievement of the Malik Group in Switzerland, a tool for promoting collective intelligence to find solutions to all challenges of organizations.

    Secondly, AYVE will collaborate with Sleader in organizing seminars and training programs on the topics of effective management, leadership and application of Malik management systems in corporate governance.

    Thirdly, AYVE will introduce to its its member enterprises the publications of Sleader on effective strategy and management, typically the two books: Decoding East-West Strategy and Management: The Essence of the Craft. These can be considered very suitable and useful handbooks, helping business owners know how to build strategies, create competitive advantages, apply the right management principles, shorten the path to success.

    The two parties believe that, with extensive cooperation, more and more enterprises in AYVE will have access to modern management thinking and tools, successfully applying to their businesses, thus step by step helping their businesses develop quickly and sustainably.

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