Strategic leadership

Course Objectives:

The training program provides:

  • In-depth knowledge of local socio-economic development strategic thinking
  • New approach to financial management, human resource management, local image positioning to successfully execute strategy
  • Core skills for leadership development, modern and effective management



Leadership officers working at agencies of the Party, State, and provincial socio-political organizations; district, town and city levels


Experts with rich practical experience, in-depth knowledge of leadership, management, with strategic vision, are currently working in enterprises, major economic groups, and leading universities. of Vietnam.

Course content:

STT Topic Content Time
1 Strategic thinking in local socio-economic development · Strategy and sustainable success

· Develop and execute strategy

· Control and adjust your strategy

· Strategic governance to thrive in uncertainty

   02 day
2 Local marketing · Local marketing – a new approach in the public sector

· Local marketing implementation tools

· Combine the public and private sectors in local marketing

· Develop a local marketing strategy

   02 day
3 Effective leadership · Differentiate between management and leadership

· Develops leadership skills and styles

· Develop motivation and encouragement skills

· Develop leadership communication skills

  02 day
4 Internationalization of leadership image · Compare East – West leadership styles

· Culture and leadership image

· The relationship of the leader and society

· Building an image of the leader of international stature

   01 day
    6 Change governance · Perception of change

· Plan and make changes

· Reinforce the change

· Practical experiences

   01 day
    7 Motivating employees · Employee psychology and managers at work

· Work motivation principles and processes

· Several effective motivational methods

· Practical experience in motivating

  01 day
    8 Apply a corporate mindset to work practice · Enterpriseization – a unique way to run your work

· Content of the enterpriseization method

· How to apply enterpriseization to the real work

  01 day
Total course duration   12 day

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