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    Sleader transfers the Phase 2 consulting results to Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company Ltd (VAECO)

    After a period of working with units of Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company Ltd (VAECO)Sleader completed and handed over the outcome of the Phase 2 of the Project “Review and improve the management accounting and methods of norm estimating and product cost caculating” to the Company.

    The handover product includes consulting reports related to various methods of product cost caculating according to the norm estimating method in order to control and manage costs, optimize the production process by analyzing actual prices per period comparing to the norm. At the same time, Sleader guided the relevant units of VAECO on how to choose a database system for administration; production and business planning process; budget planning; and key performance indicators. Sleader’s consulting products are highly appreciated by VAECO for their feasibility and usefulness for management accounting activities at the Company.

    SLEADER experts work with units of VAECO

    SLEADER experts work with units of VAECO

    Along with the product handover, SLEADER organized a training program to transfer the consulting outcomes so that VAECO’s units can be able to quickly apply solutions into practice, thereby improving the efficiency of the Company’s management accounting.

    The training program focuses mainly on the contents of methods of product pricing, norm estimation, and methods of management reporting analysis. At the same time, Sleader also transferred and guided the usage of management accounting reports on the current software system of VAECO. During the training and transfer process, VAECO experts and team had specific discussions about advantages, difficulties and solutions when implementing consulting solutions.


    Moving to the Phase 3 of the Project, Sleader focuses on building an input and output information system to ensure the operation of the management accounting system; developing methods to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of investment projects. Together with a team of experienced professionals in the field of management accounting, the project will be completed in November 2022, creating a breakthrough in management accounting at VAECO.

     Trao đổi & thảo luận giữa chuyên gia của SLEADER và Tổ triển khai dự án của VAECO

    Trao đổi & thảo luận giữa chuyên gia của SLEADER và Tổ triển khai dự án của VAECO

    Exchange and discussion between SLEADER experts and VAECO project implementation team

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