Sleader to handover Documentation Development Strategy to GDC

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Sleader to handover Documentation Development Strategy to GDC

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On the date of March 24, 2021 in Hanoi, GDC Group Jount Stock Company organized Ceremony of Declartion of Corporation Identify Program and Development Strategy to the year 2025, vision 2035. The Project of GDC Development Strategy Building, using Syntegration method which was applied for the first time in Vietnam, has been executed for more than 4 months with efforts of the experts from the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader) and GDC’s key personnel.

Viện trưởng Sleader trao văn bản chiến lược cho Chủ tịch HĐQT Tập đoàn GDC
Sleader’s Director handovers documentation strategy to the GDC’s Chairman

It may be said that was the first time in Vietnam, a complete documentation strategy, including the overall stratery and component strategies, along with a detailed roadmap and specific implementation solutions has been planned in a record-breaking short time. To do that, the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research used Syntegration technology, which was transferred for Sleader’s exclusive use in Vietnam and Southeast Asia by the Malik Institute, Switzerland, a leading European consulting organization on systems thinking, leadership and governance. The Syntegration Technology were successfully applied to more than 1000 businesses and organizations worldwide. In Vietnam, GDC Group is the first enterprise to apply this technology in strategy formation and implementation.

At the ceremony, Mr. Nguyễn Văn Khoa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GDC Group, said: “Although 2020 is very difficult because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to ensure sustainable development in the “New Normal”, GDC Group decided to cooperate with Sleader to build a development strategy in a really different way – Combination of East and West. The strategy reflects the vision and desire of the company’s leaders, the determination and collective intelligence of the key personnel, which are gradually being spread to the members of GDC Family.”

Ông Nguyễn Văn Khoa, Chủ tịch HĐQT, phát biểu trong buổi lễ công bố chiến lược
Mr. Nguyen Van Khoa, GDC’s Chairman, speeches at the ceremory

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, GDC’s General Director, affirmed: “The strategy has shown the direction and built trust of the key personnel first, then of the majority of the Company\’s employees. However, strategic orientation is only the first step. Success will depend on the implementation capacity of GDC’s people. Now the strategy implementation is not only the responsibility of the Board of Directors, but the daily work motivation of GDC’s managers and staffs. The things that Syntegration Technology brings to GDC are the spirit of voluntarism, cohesion, dedication and trust in the given solutions.”

Dr. Duong Thi Thu, Director of Sleader, emphasized: “Malik Syntegration Technology finds solution using collective intelligence, which has long been a thorny problem for businesses and organizations in Vietnam. Sleader believes that GDC will complete its strategic goals ahead of schedule because all of its key personnel were involved in the strategy formulation process, touth, created solutions, criticized and and equally argued during the syntegration process. The strategy is the crystallization of collective intelligence, the commitment of the key prsonnel to the successful implementation of solutions that have been made by themselves.”

TS. Dương Thị Thu, Viện trưởng Sleader, phát biểu tại buổi lễ công bố Chiến lược phát triển Tập đoàn GDC
Dr. Duong Thi Thu, Sleader’s Director, speeches at the ceremony

At the ceremony, GDC Group also announced its new Corporation Identity Program that was created jointly by GDC and its partner Consulus (Singapore). The logo is a green leaf symbolizing sustainability and harmony. 5 leaves forming a star in the middle represents the image of Vietnam. The letters of GDC is designed with pointed and rounded corners. The blue color symbolizes the truth – the value that GDC commits to bring to customers. In addition, the new slogan of GDC of “Smart Value Creation” is to represent the mission of creating outstanding-value smart products in harmony with the natural ecosystem and society that bring civilization and convenience to users, contributing to the buiding of a prosperous and beautiful Vietnam.

Đại diện Consulus trao bộ nhận diện thương hiệu cho TGĐ Nguyễn Ngọc Hoàng
Consulus’s representative handovers Corporation Identify Program to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Hoang, GDC’s General Director

With the strategy, GDC Group strengthens its truth in the chosen way. Every member of GDC is taking very specific steps to get impressive figures. The results are consolidated revenue of VND 899 billion, profit of over VND 35.6 billion and dividend of 22.5% in 2020. These results prove that GDC’s targeted revenue of VND 5,000 billion and ranking in the Top 10 Best Construction Companies in Vietnam by 2025 will become true in the near future if whole GDC team has the same purpose and determination for the company development.

News and photos by Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader)