Sleader and important milestones of 2021

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Sleader and important milestones of 2021

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Sleader is pround of its outstanding accomplishments in 2021 to powerfully step into the New Year 2022. In the Summary Conference, all Sleader’s members agreed to select 5 typical events representing Sleader’s lines of business in 2021.

1. Providing Strategy Consultancy to Petrolimex, a business in top VNR30

Sleader has successfully implemented the Project “Consulting on Petrolimex Growth Strategy Building for the Period of 2021-2030, Vision 2045” with the support of Malik Institute, Switzerland,

The project was implemented during the coronusvirus pandemic, interactive activities were mainly carried out online. However, with Sleader’s team of experienced, professional and dedicated experts and modern tools and models of European class, a strategy of superior quality has been built for a record-breaking short duration which is highly valuated by Petrolimex.

2. Consulting on Growth Strategy of Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province

In order to implement the Resolution No. 36 of the Standing Board of Party Committee of the Hai Duong Province on the development of Chi Linh City to 2030 with a vision towards 2045, Sleader accompanied the Steering Board for building the Chi Linh City Growth Strategy for the period 2021 – 2030, vision 2045 to complete the Strategy Report for only 3 months – an all-time record! This event has shown that the effective combination of in-depth understanding of socio-economic conditions in the country using the world’s advanced models and tools can bring about strategic consulting products of high quality, suitable to the socio-cultural conditions for the public sector of Vietnam.

3. Entering in the Field of Management Accounting Consulting for which Big Four kept Unique Position

Management accounting consulting is an service provided mainly by Big4 companies. However, having confidence in its capability, Sleader accepted the new challenge of implementing a management accounting consulting project for the Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company (VAECO) with competitive expense and international quality. Moreover, this shows the strength of Sleader\’s professional management as well as its international goals

4. Publicating a Handbook of St. Gallen Management

Sleader has choosen one of typical works of Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik to translate into Vietnamese with the desire to help leaders, managers of organizations/busineses to access new knowledge of profesional management. Sleader’s team of translaters under the direction of Dr. Duong Thu has released a perfect translation with pure Vietnamese along with beautiful appearance. The book is received enthusiastically by readers because of its new approaches to management – a profession is not born by natural talents, but must be trained methodically and systematically. “Right” and “good” management is the only one kind of management one needs to know irrespective of his/her profession: a principal of a school or a director for a hospital, a director of an orchestra or a CEO of a business.

5. Coordinating in researching themes of application science of ministrial level

In spite of difficulties caused the Covid pandemic in 2021, Sleader\’s team of experts and collaborators together with partners successfully completed 02 projects of ministerial level and equal ministerial level in the field of strategy and startup ecosystem. Research results have been applied to selected locations, promising to bring great socio-economic benefits in the near future.

The year 2021 has ended with unprecedented challenges and Sleader adapted flexibly such challenges and gained important achievements marked by the projects with large enterprises, laying the foundation for a breakthrough in the following years. In 2022, Sleader will continue to accompany businesses and localities in their development. Sleader makes every effort to soon realize of the goal of becoming a organization with national brand in strategic consulting by 2025.

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