SLEADER accompanies Vietnamese businesses on the road to success

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development and Research


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SLEADER accompanies Vietnamese businesses on the road to success

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Vietnam\’s economy is growing rapidly with hundreds of thousands of businesses being established every year. However, there are not many businesses which can maintain operation for more than 5 years; the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for 98%. A survey in small and medium-sized enterprises is shown that leaders who have good professional skills but are not well equipped with management knowledge, as well as paying little attention to thinking development  and capacity of planning strategy. Therefore, these enterprises have not yet invested to have a long-term competitive advantage, or in other words have not had a clear and feasible development strategy.

SLEADER\’s Mission

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (SLEADER) was established with the philosophy of Right Way, Bright Future, with the aim of accompanying and assisting businesses in orienting their business strategies for sustainable and long-term development. Therefore, from the very beginning, SLEADER has clearly defined the mission: Accompanying and helping businesses in order to find a separate development path to achieve outstanding performance in a sustainable way through consulting services on strategy and corporate governance. SLEADER\’s mission statement is not only leading the organization in the right direction, connecting all members to act together in achieving  common goals , but also considered as a “calling on the world” to attract high quality human resources, leading domestic and foreign experts, young talents who graduated from famous universities in Vietnam and around the world.

The difference in SLEADER’s consulting services

Sleader chính thức trở thành đối tác chiến lược của Viện Malik, Thụy Sỹ

It is pleasure for SLEADER when we officially become a strategic partner of the Malik Institute, Switzerland, a world leading organization in systems thinking, leadership and effective governance.  Malik Institute is based in many countries around the world, providing consulting services to thousands of organizations and businesses, which including big names like Airbus Group; BMV; Volkswagen; Daimler; Siemens; Exxon Mobil; Allianz; City of Zurich, Switzerland; City of Furth, Germany.

The knowledge of Vietnam\’s business environment and culture combined with modern management tools transferred by Malik Institute, Switzerland has made SLEADER “unique” when implementing consulting projects. The distinct benefits that SLEADER\’s consulting projects bring to partners and customers are gathered in three “best” words: (1) The fastest time; (2) The most practical and feasible solution; (3) The most reasonable cost.

The fastest project execution time

Sleader sở hữu bộ công cụ quản lý thông minh được chuyển giao độc quyền từ Viện Malik, Thụy Sỹ

SLEADER implements consulting projects within 2 months, 3 times faster than the normal implementation process by using the application for intelligent management tools exclusively transferred from Malik Institute, Switzerland such as Malik Syntegation System (MSS®), Malik Standard Model of Managerial Effectiveness (MEM®), Viable System Model (VSM®), S shape model S®, Management System Assessment Software (MSA®).

The most practical and feasible solution

Along with the increase in speed, the application of modern tools helps SLEADER to come up with the most practical and feasible solutions by simultaneously using the knowledge of many people, especially those directly involved. In particular, the step of providing solutions is not ending the process, SLEADER  also be ready to accompany businesses in implementing solutions to achieve desired results.

“International” quality at “domestic” cost

Consulting products with “international” quality at “domestic” cost of SLEADER is only 1/5 of international consulting units, have been gradually convincing our partners who have strong domestic brands.

With great efforts, SLEADER is gradually asserting its position in the field of strategic consulting and corporate governance. SLEADER has provided consulting, training and management technology transfer services to hundreds of businesses and organizations of all types, sizes, and fields of activity, including big names such as: Vietnam National Petroleum Group (Petrolimex); Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company(VAECO)(a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines- VNA); Vietnam Helicopter Corporation (VNH); Ministry Of Defence Urban And Housing Development Investment Corporation (MHDI); People\’s Committee of Chi Linh City, Hai Duong Province; GDC Group Joint Stock Company; PetroVietNam Chemilcal and Services Corporation (PVchem); Tien Nong Industrial and Agricultural Joint Stock Company; Ngan Son Joint Stock Company ( member enterprise of Vietnam Tobacco Corporation (Vinataba);Thung Nham Ecotourism Zone , Ninh Binh; Lao Cai Fertilizer Joint Stock Company; MobiFone Telecommunications Equipment Testing and Repair Center, DIC Holdings Construction Joint Stock Company (DICcons).

Sleader đã cung cấp dịch vụ tư vấn, đào tạo và chuyển giao công nghệ quản lý cho hàng trăm doanh nghiệp, tổ chức ở mọi loại hình, quy mô và lĩnh vực hoạt động

SLEADER\’s reputation is being spread from outstanding business results, increasing internal cohesion and significantly improved income of employees in the organizations and businesses that have used consulting services of SLEADER.

Looking into the future

With a vision to 2025 becoming a national brand in strategic consulting, SLEADER always maintains faith in its way of doing things, constantly strives, and joins hands to help businesses in order to create breakthroughs and sustainable development for a prosperous Vietnam.

In your business development journey, you have us together

Please contact us for direct consultation:

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research

-Address: Building N02T1, Ngoai Giao Doan area, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi

-Hotline: 0965 965 368 / 024 3201 1519


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