Management: Essence of the Craft

Introduction about publication

The 21st century is in witness of the strong development of technology and unpredictable changes in the socio-economic environment around the world. Most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic took place unexpectedly and upset completely the way of functioning of all nations, institutions, businesses and individuals.

The fact shows that, Europe, especially Switzerland and the Nordic countries, develope more sustainably and comprehensively than the rest of the world in spite of sharing the impact of globalization. The latest evidence is that these countries are being rapidly recovered in the context of the “New Normal” while others are still struggling with Covid-19 waves. Is there some new European management knowledge that we have not yet been aware of?

The answer was made by Prof. Fredmund Malik in the title Management: Essence of the Craft through proven practices that have not been accessed by Asian countries because they are public in the countries and territories where German is an official language.

Management method in a new world – the grounds of “mastering” the complexity 

Our increasingly complex world cannot function without management, and it can hardly function without precise management. Only management turns resources into results and this is true for all kinds of societal institutions.

In particular, Prof. Malik has shown that success in a complex environment can be attained with appropriate methods and tools. In other words, only “complexity” can solve “complexity”, but “simplification” is not helpful for easy management. Similarly, you cannot translate Shakespeare into another language if your English vocabulary spans 3,000 words.

With new cybernetics-based transdisciplinary approach, this book summarizes the core of right and good management – the only kind of management a principal of a university or director of an orchestra or CEO needs to learn in management of any sector. Right and good management is universal and invariant, just as independent of nations or cultures as is sport. Golf – if played correctly – is played the same way everywhere, as is football; or what Italians do when managing the right way is exactly the same as what Germans do when doing it right.

Based on “The Management Wheel” – an exclusive invention of Prof. Malik, readers will be clearly aware of management as a profession consisting of 05 tasks, 06 principles and 07 key tools, no more, no less to ensure 2 core targets of management: effectiveness (right management) and efficiency (good management).

Introduction about the author – Prof. Fredmund Malik

Prof. Dr. Fredmund Malik is known as the pioneer of cybernetics-based modern management. His approach and management systems ensure maximum efficiency and productivity of the organization. Malik Management System (MMS) helped the world\’s top executives conquer the great challenges of the “Great Transformation”. His innovative methods and tools take managers beyond the limits of normal management. They increase the scope and effectiveness of leadership, as well as make it easier to manage the organization and make the organization stronger.

With terms and logic used throughout, Prof. Malik’s approach laid a solid foundation for the common language and common knowledge of management. His theory helps systematizing management knowledge consistently, making administrators easy to self-adjust, adopt and act timely. Prof. Malik and his team with more than 30 years of experience are educators, consultants and facilitators for thousands of the world\’s top seasoned executives.

Prof. Malik is the author of more than 15 books, many of which have won awards and become bestsellers, and some of which have been published 300 times. His famous title Managing Performing Living: Effective Management for a New World has been selected as one of the 100 best business books of all time.

Structure of the book

The book, consisting of 15 chapters, provides practical guides with the knowledge and essentials to form good and right management as a standard profession.

Part 1: What Management Is and What It Is Not  

Chapter 1: What Management Is Not

Chapter 2: What Management Is

Chapter 3: Why Management Is Important

Chapter 4: Right Management Is Universally Valid

Part 2: Effectiveness: Managing People – Managing a Business

Chapter 5: Managing People: The Standard Model of Right and Good Management

Chapter 6: Managing a Business: The Integrated Management System (IMS®)

Part 3: The General Management Functions

Chapter 7: The Basic Model of General Management

Chapter 8: The Organization’s Environment

Chapter 9: Corporate Policy and Corporate Governance

Chapter 10: Strategy

Chapter 11: Structure

Chapter 12: Culture

Chapter 13: Executives

Chapter 14: Innovation and Change

Part 4: Management is Getting Things Done

Chapter 15: Implementation

How to buy the book Management: Essence of the Craft

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