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    Malik Institute, Switzerland

    Malik Institute was founded in 1984 in Switzerland by Professor Fredmund Malik, the world’s leading expert in systems management and cybernetics, management and leadership. He is the scholar and the theorist of “The Great Transformation of the Century 21”. He is also the author of the classic “Managing Performing Living” – voted as one of the top 100 most influential management books of all time. Malik Institute, with several modern management models and tools, has successfully deployed about 1000 contract sessions for business organizations, including the world’s leading brands such as BMW Group, Volkswagen, BASF, Daimler, Airbus; as well as public agencies such as the Swiss Ministry of Health, the German Ministry of Education and Research, the Austrian Railway Administration, the Freiburg University Hospital (Germany), the Weifang government (China).


    The Great Transformation 21 Malik and Sleader collaboration

    Areas of cooperation between

    Malik Institute, Switzerland with Sleader

    Give consultation on building and executing corporate, organizational and local development strategies

    Conduct short-term training courses for managers and leaders of businesses and organizations in Vietnam

    Organizing courses combined with practical tours in Europe.

    Model & tools

    The Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research was transferred European-class management models by the Malik Institute, Switzerland and then applied creatively to match the specifics of the Vietnamese businesses and business environment.


    Malik Syntegration® – Breakthrough solution to major organizational and corporate challenges

    Syntegration is used to solve all challenges of businesses and organizations of every type, size and field. Thesse challenges include strategy building, development orientation, organizational restructuring, human resource development, and branding. This method has been successfully implemented by Malik Institute, Switzerland for about 1000 enterprises around the world.

    Benefits of Syntegration

    • 80 times more efficient and productive than the regular discussion group
    • Applicable to all organizations in public and corporate sectors
    • Increase cohesion and understanding among members of the organization, thereby increasing morale and accountability in solution implementation
    • All opinions are equal, regardless of hierarchy and position in the organization, helping to maximize creativity and collective intelligence
    • Specific solutions to the organization’s challenges have been built with high consensus, thus accelerating solution implementation


    2-S Model 

    This tool allows you to review three development strategies for each organization simultaneously: the red curve (current strategies), the green curve (future strategies), and the ‘intersection zone’ (conversion strategies)

    2-S Model


    General Management Model (GMM)

    This model portrays one factor of management in relation to other factors, in the general context of the whole system



    The Model of Management Efficiency (MEM)

    It is a combination of principles, mandates and management tools. These principles determine how tasks are to be performed and how to use the management tool. This is the core of management effectiveness.



    Integrated Management Systems (IMS) Model

    Diagnose the system with the assessment of 24 essential factors for the development of the organization / business

    24 essential factors


    Malik Sensitivity Model

    The model helps users identify important ‘leverage points’ to steer the organization / business in the desired direction, with minimal use of resources.

    Malik Sensitivity Model