Intelligent management, essential trend in digital economy

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Intelligent management, essential trend in digital economy

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On May 29, 2022, Dr. Duong Thu, Director of Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (SLEADER) shared about Intelligent Management in Digital Age in the Business Cafe, part of the Saturday Coffee series of events organized by musician Duong Thu.

Entering the 21st century, humanity has been witnessing the remarkable development of science and technology. A newly invented product can become obsolete as soon as a newer product appears. A new theory is proposed, within a short time another theory has been put forward, replacing that theory. The 21st century also marks the emergence of the 4th industrial revolution, which fundamentally changes all aspects of socio-economic life on a global scale. Under the impact of Industry 4.0, humanity\’s living environment becomes unpredictable and develops in new and unprecedented ways.

VUCA environment and complexity

The living environment in general and business in particular is currently being described by the phrase VUCA, with four main characteristics: Volatility; Uncertainty; Complexity and Ambiguity. In which, “complex” is the most prominent feature, containing all three remaining features. The complex is being shown more and more clearly and continuously in recent times such as: the Covid-19 pandemic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, etc. Although the complex has unpredictable characteristics, it coheres subjects with each other increasingly closely and systematically. So, without proper governance, the whole system will collapse quickly. Dr. Duong Thu believes that, in a world where change happens so quickly and unexpectedly, it is necessary to have a flexible management approach, adapting to specific situations and problems. It is in this context that, in order to master complexity, individuals/enterprises/organizations/country must find more intelligent management methods, replacing traditional management models. As Sir John Rose – CEO of Rolls – Royce:

“In the flat world, people will talk less about developed, developing and underdeveloped countries and more about the smartest, smarter and smartest countries.”

According to Dr. Duong Thu, intelligent management based on creativity, which is an infinite capacity in each person, besides promoting the application of the latest achievements of the 4.0 revolution such as IoT, Big Data, AI, Cloud computing, etc. to optimize decisions of administrators.

Dr. Duong Thu at the Intelligent Management in the Digital Age Seminar

Smart Management Tool

Understanding intelligent management is not enough, businesses need tools to put intelligent management into practice. One of the intelligent management models developed by GS. Fredmund Malik and has applied more than 1,000 times in the world is Syntegration. Previously, managers collected information to make decisions manually, within a narrow range of only a few key managers, while information was transmitted slowly, one-way, and easily confused. copy copy. This traditional approach is becoming passive and cannot be adapted in today\’s VUCA environment. The Malik Syntegration appeared to have overcome all the weaknesses in the traditional method of decision making. In particular, the Malik Syntegration has succeeded in bringing into play the wisdom of the masses in a short time, with high performance to bring breakthrough solutions to the organization

Malik Syntegration, an intelligent management tool that solves all challenges of organization and business

Another effective intelligent management tool that is attracting many managers\’ attention is the “Management Wheel” – an exclusive invention of Professor Malik. Model with 05 tasks, 06 principles and 07 essential tools, no more and no less, to ensure 02 core goals of management, namely efficiency (right management) and productivity (good management).

With wide applicability in solving all challenges for all organizations and businesses, intelligent management tool models have received the attention of businessman participating in the Seminar. The industrial revolution 4.0 has created inevitable development trends, especially in the field of governance, thereby promoting businesses to change and find new directions. However, Vietnamese businesses are still confused in converting and choosing the right management method. So, with Malik Syntegration, Management Wheel; businesses have the opportunity to confidently adapt to the new and globally complex business environment.

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