How to know whether a business is well managed?

There is a fact that happens in professional football, that when the team wins, the credit belongs to the players, but if it fails, the club owners will think of firing the coach. This is the rigors of professional sports, where the team\’s survival and development is based on performance.

It should be applied the same way in terms of business, in which the players are the employees, and the coaches are the managers. However, in reality, when  the business is not performing well, managers will find ways to lay off employees to cut costs or blame other objective causes, such as: inflation, policy changes, high interest rates, expensive input costs. Apart from that, it is still common that when the business is profitable, the salaries and bonuses of the managers are paid very high and vice versa, when the business is in decline, the disadvantaged people are usually the employees.

Obviously, in order to have fair and healthy competition in business, it is essential to apply the management experience of professional football to business. It is the professors who follow the modern management approach, namely P. Drucker, F. Malik, that supports and clarifies the rationale of this situation. Moreover, Prof. Fredmund Malik also built a system that is capable of evaluating the management capacity of an organization, known as an integrated management system (IMS).

The IMS has been verified through practice in many businesses and organizations in Europe, and has helped partners create a great development by improving the management capacity of the whole system.

In the tendency of digital transformation, the IMS system has been transformed into MSA software to make it more convenient for businesses to use, regardless of geographical space and the influence of social distancing caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Phần mềm MSA

MSA software has been built by Sleader and TMA Solutions software company on the basis of the IMS of Malik Institute, Switzerland. The combination of 3 agencies has created a very useful product for businesses and organizations in Vietnam.

MSA software evaluates the core issues, analyzes the impact among elements in the system, thereby providing managers with an inclusive view of the business. From there, it offers practical and effective solutions to help businesses grow dramatically.

Source: Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader)

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