Effective Manager (MEE)


Covid\’s anti-epidemic effect – 19 over the past few years has shown the government\’s innovative management approach in a special context, in which it stands out with the determination of clear strategies and goals, doing the right things, practice, bring into play the strengths of Vietnamese institutions and people, use supporting information technology. The vivid reality shows that, if there is a suitable management method, the public sector can completely bring about outstanding results, above all expectations.

Starting from the above context, the Institute of Strategic Leadership (SLEADER) has built an effective Manager Training Program with the aim of equipping public sector managers with solutions, skills, and tools. and effective leverage. The program was built with the support of the Malik Institute, Switzerland and integrates the elements of cybernetics, psychology and biology into an effective management system, which is applied in accordance with practical conditions. characteristics of the public sector in our country.


  • Create superiority through using the strengths of the subject to promote work efficiency
  • Making for ordinary people produces outstanding results
  • Seek opportunities and solutions instead of accepting the situation and waiting
  • Leverage tools to help managers work efficiently.
  • Working proactively, being productive while still enjoying life\’s joys


  • Leaders of agencies and units
  • Middle management staff
  • Resource officers

TIME: 02 days (04 sessions) arranged by the unit



STT Topic Content
1 Effective management in the new age · Environment complex VUCA

· Effective management factors

· Effective management

· Effective manager\’s KPIs

2 Result-oriented · Set the right goals

· Focus on key points

·Contribution to the overall

· Personal work method

· Performance evaluation

3 Outstanding based on strengths ·Strengths – leverage for superiority

· Organizational strengths

· Personal strengths

· Resonance power in organizations

4 Positive thinking & Trust Building · Recognize positive thinking

· Methods of generating Positive Mindset

· Apply a positive mindset in management

· Build trust values

· Self-discipline & self-management

Total course duration 4 sessions

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