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    Development strategy building Halcom Group – The first remote Malik Syntegration in Vietnam

    “Strategy isall about building and shaping the future instead of responding to it, as the future is unpredictable”.  Therefore, the strategy must be initially formed by the current decisions but have a strong influence and impact on the future of the business. Understanding that concept, and thus, even during the context of the raging Covid-19 pandemic, the leaders of Halcom Group still decided to build a development strategy by 2026, with a vision towards 2030 for the Group Halcom.

    Xây dựng chiến lược phát triển Tập đoàn Halcom - Đồng hợp Malik trực tuyến lần đầu tiên tại Việt Nam

    Virtual Plenary Session of Syntegration for development strategy building for Halcom Company on 21-22 August, 2021

    On 21 and 22 August, a group of experts from the Malik Institute, Switzerland and the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader) along with a team of 30 key managers of Halcom Group attended the “Dien Hong Conference” with lively and effective discussion sessions.

    With the Syntegration method, a variety of solutions and strategy implementation roadmaps have been found through the promotion of collective intelligence, and focused discussion around the open question defining Halcom’s strategy and vision to 2026. Professor Fredmund Malik, President of Malik Group stated that: “After receiving the Report based on the results of the meeting, you will see the richness of the method, and above all, the quintessence of the cooperation of all employees’ .

    Giáo Sư Fredmund Malik phát biểu trong buổi Bế mạc Phiên Đồng hợp online xây dựng chiến lược phát triển cho Tập đoàn Halcom

    Prof. Fredmund Malik made his remarks in the Closing Session  of Syntegration for strategy development building for Halcom Company

    Speaking at the Closing Session of Syntegration, Prof. Fredmund Malik expressed his pride and gratitude to the entire Organizing Committee, technical team and Sleader’s experts, who accompanied Malik Institute to successfully implement  the first remote  Syntegration for t in Vietnam, despite the difficulties in geographical and linguistic barriers as well as the Covid-19 pandemic.

    The success of this Syntegration is thanks to the timely and proactive initiative of the Malik Institute, Switzerland in adapting to the “new normal” era. Since 2020, Malik Institute has coordinated with Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader), software company TMA Solutions to convert the integrated management system (IMS) into MSA software. Having MSA software in your hand, business is able to carry out internal analysis in a quick and objective way, thereby providing wholistic and systematic information for the Halcom Syntegration throughout the process of strategy planning and implementation.

    Thus, the Syntegration which has been successfully applied for GDC building Strategy last year, together with remote Halcom Syntegration during the last two days illustrates another choice for businesses in building strategy

    As Malik’s exclusive partner in Vietnam, Sleader is always ready to accompany and support  businesses to understand and use Syntegration for  complex issues.

    Source: Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Institute

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