Decoding the East-West Strategy – The key to success for Vietnamese businesses

According to the General Statistics Office, among the bankrupt enterprises in the first 3 years, there are nearly 95% of enterprises with capital less than 10 billion VND (ie small enterprises). One of the main reasons is that business leaders lack skills in management and strategic planning, leading to the situation of unskilled work, “rushing” to small, short business opportunities. term instead of having a strategy for long-term success and sustainable development. Therefore, it is necessary to have a manual for Vietnamese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises, in order to orient and build a right, different path associated with outstanding and long-term success. long. Therefore, Decoding of East-West Strategy brings deep perspective and philosophy from the East along with Western civilization and modern tools, Wisely combined to become a guideline for businesses still struggling to find their way.

 The book

Why should you choose the handbook Decoding East West Strategy ?


A different approach: “A strategy for everyone”

Many people think that the Strategy is a huge thing that only superiors need to understand and do. It is that approach that makes some businesses, despite their grandly announced strategies, cannot be implemented in practice because they do not have the understanding of the staff. To solve this problem, the Strategic Leadership Development Research Institute has chosen a different approach, expressing complex content in easy-to-understand language so that all members of an organization can participate. Strategy and strategy formulation is not only applicable in fields such as military, politics or business, but also applies in all aspects of life. Therefore, the handbook Decoding the East-West strategy focuses on giving stories, situations or practical examples so that readers can envision and understand. understand the philosophies deeply and easily apply supportive tools in strategy formulation and implementation. This makes the difference of East-West decoding compared to other strategy books because of its high applicability, suitable for many unique audiences. fake different. For example, the same article “Don\’t just do what you are good at”, the students or employees of an organization will acquire lessons about the long-term career path, meanwhile, From the corporate perspective, they will learn how to identify areas where investment and development should be focused.

Unique approach in strategy formulation and implementation: a wise combination of East and West

Eastern culture always has in itself “mystery” with deep philosophies while Western culture emphasizes universal, clear, coherent, and easy to understand. For effective corporate governance in today\’s unpredictable world, the wise combination of Eastern strategic perspectives and Western coherent analytical thinking is an approach. new and especially suitable for the business environment in Vietnam. Philosophies such as “It\’s a waste of two cars”, “Good times are also successful” of the East, together with modern tools from the West such as SWOT matrix analysis, will help managers Valuable analysis and evaluation but still ensure that the strategy is easily realized by the entire staff are supported, clearly oriented to understand the tasks and roles. strategy in execution.

 Dr. Duong Thi Thu - editor - and editorial team with the first books

Read Decode East West Strategy , what do you get?

  • Increases confidence and personal inspiration towards achieving outstanding success in work and life;
  • Find a different direction and path for individuals and businesses for long-term and sustainable development;
  • Change the typical “small style” business approach in Vietnam to a methodical, systematic thinking;
  • Have a deeper insight into the approach of Eastern and Western cultures in the strategy to flexibly apply to the business environment of Vietnam; </ li>
  • Learn and apply successful policies, strategies, and business models from highly practical situations and examples.

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