Consultancy on organizational development platforms


In recent years, the number of newly established enterprises in our country has increased sharply. Although very dynamic, many businesses still lack a solid foundation, which is the main reason why businesses do not have the necessary breakthrough. To build high-rise buildings, it is necessary to have a solid foundation. Enterprises are also like that, in order to develop to a new height, it is necessary to build a solid foundation.

Identifying the right factors that create a development foundation will help businesses take appropriate actions to build a competitive advantage. Evaluation of development foundation helps leaders to have a comprehensive and complete view of the current situation of the enterprise, from which proposing a plan to restructure production and business activities, reallocate resources appropriately. management, creating outstanding development momentum and sustainable success.


The Business Development Platform Assessment process consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Design interview questionnaire;

Step 2: Conduct interviews, surveys;

Step 3: Analyzing and processing data;

Step 4: General report;

Step 5: Organize seminars to collect opinions;

Step 6: Complete the Business Development Platform Assessment Report

What does a business get when it comes to evaluating its development platform?

Gives an overview of the current business situation
The new approach helps businesses to make necessary changes in corporate governance
Building a solid foundation is a driving force for business owners to confidently innovate
Content rated:

Business development platform rated by “four pillars”:

Development strategy
Core resources
Entrepreneurial spirit
Administrative institutions


The Business Development Platform Assessment project is implemented by the Experienced Consultants of the Strategic Leadership Development Research Institute (SLEADER).

Implementation time: 45 days

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