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    Business development strategy building

    Why do businesses need to build a business development strategy? 

    • Without a strategy, it is impossible to go far or it is like going without seeing the way
    • In the more and more competitive environment, business requires a different way of operation.
    • International standards and external resources require public disclosure of the strategy

    Benefits for businesses with a strategy

    • Shaping the future in a clear and understandable way
    • The grounds to allocate and use resources in a confident and breakthrough way
    • Internal and external trust building 

    Consulting Business development strategy building implementation process

    • Step 1: Documents Research
    • Step 2: Conduction of surveys, interviews
    • Step 3: Data handling and analysis 
    • Step 4: Status Assessment, main challenges identification of the Organization/Enterprise
    • Step 5: Malik Syntegration Organization to propose a comprehensive strategy, component strategies and implementation roadmaps.
    • Step 6: Analysis and synthesis of the results of Malik syntegration session
    • Step 7: Seminars organization and ideas contributions
    • Step 8: Adjustment and finalization of the report
    • Step 9: The consulting result transferring
    • Step 10: Strategy implementation support

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