Organizational culture building

Being professional and kind or “creating a good source of water for fish to swim” is one of the many mottos chosen by Vietnamese owners to form a culture for their businesses.

Each enterprise has its own culture, but it is not easy for it to make a big contribution to the efficiency of production and business activities.

The right corporate culture can have a direct impact on increasing business results clearly, helping employees engage, loyal customers, or bring sustainable development to the business over time.

6 core values ​​employees should have

For Mr. Nguyen Duc Tai, Chairman of Mobile World Joint Stock Company, corporate culture is an intangible asset and it is impossible to quantify the amount to be spent each year on this amount, but only know that corporate culture must be the self-regulation of each member\’s behavior in the business, without the need for sanctions.

According to him, if the business needs too many sanctions to supervise employees, it is just a “virtual” culture, does not really exist and it will quickly disappear without the management of the person in charge. head.

From that point of view, the Mobile World boss sets out the six desired values ​​of employees.

First, conscientious to customers, that is the people who bring revenue, profits, jobs for the company.

The second value is honest because without this value the retail system of 1,800 stores across the country cannot survive.

Third is “say whatever you do” that is to keep your faith.

The fourth thing is to accept responsibility. According to Mr. Tai, value will help eliminate the situation of trying to justify the problem, instead, employees will act to create new results.

Thursday is loving and supporting your teammates. This is a new value that has been in place since two years.

Sixth is the “blood fire” at work, this is very necessary in the dynamic retail industry, customers change and go up constantly.

To give a set of 6 standards for employees, Mr. Tai said he had to make a lot of trade-offs, which is the situation that many very excellent people left the company due to cultural differences.

“The mobile world in the old days had the standard of teamwork, but since business goals grew so fast it turned into a culture of bashing each other. I do not want that, I want them to support each other and from there I give value five “, the boss of Mobile World shared.

Overall, according to Mr. Tai, the most important thing is that leadership must always be an example to its employees. “You can\’t create a culture and then break it yourself. Everything you build, no matter how long it takes, the river will float, ”Mr. Tai emphasized.

From simple things

From the Silicon Valley of the United States, Mr. Nguyen Thanh My returned to his hometown of Tra Vinh and founded My Lan Group – one of the leading high-tech enterprises in Vietnam today – right in the middle of the backward countryside.

“To do that, all employees in the company must master My Lan\’s corporate culture”, Mr. My affirmed.

That culture was built by him and directed his employees to follow. Therefore, he tried to build My Lan into a desirable company in Tra Vinh and it is the destination of everyone. As their target, they will direct themselves to the culture that I desire.

For Mr. My, in order to form a collective culture, we must first change the very simple habits of each individual, even from going to the toilet.

As for Mr. Phan Van Truong, former President of Alsthom Asia: “To build culture in the” dinosaurs “, you have to be dictatorial”.

Explaining more about this word “dictator”, Mr. Truong said, Alsthom is a multinational group with the world\’s leading outstanding people in their fields. Therefore, business owners will not be able to “treat” these people if they cannot convince them. ”

With that reason, Mr. Truong and his team started to build a culture for the company, starting from the management level to spread to each employee with 2 standards of Professional and Nice – professional and kind.

This works very quickly, Truong said, when you work with the world\’s top people, if you can convince them everything will be done immediately, no matter how late it is. 1 to 2 weeks.

“Every thing you need to do is be a little more professional, so you are way ahead of the competition overall. This makes my Alsthom beat the “heavyweight” competitors to win big contracts, “Mr. Truong shared.

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