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    2022 – Sleader accompanies businesses to master complexity

    In 2022, the whole world has witnessed many global upheavals, from the conflict in Ukraine that caused an energy crisis, to the galloping inflation in European and North American countries, which has pushed many economies to recession edge. After more than 2 years of being heavily affected by Covid-19, most countries in the world, including Vietnam, have now implemented the policy of “living with the epidemic”, restarting all socio-economic activities. Meanwhile, China persisted in pursuing the Zero-COVID policy with a series of prolonged blockades in many major commercial cities, disrupting many production and supply chains. All the unexpected and unpredictable happenings in the past year once again confirm that the world is becoming more and more complex – this is an inevitable development trend that Prof. Fredmund Malik forecasted more than 20 years ago.

    As a strategic partner of the Malik Group, Swizzerland (Malik), a variety of the Europe’s best intelligent management models and tools have been transfered to the Institute for Strategic Leadership (Sleader) to help busineses master complexity and effectively manage in The Great Transformation of the 21st Century. In 2022, Sleader has actively adapted and transformed according to the S-line Curve Model to build a system, train our human resources, and adhere to the “work together” method. Customers and partners, thereby have been able to achieve outstanding outcomes compared to previous years.

    The most proud achievements in 2022 of Sleader is to have applied intelligent management models and technologies of the Swiss Malik Institute to consulting businesses in all three regions of the North, Central and South successfully with three criteria: fastest time, highest feasibility, lowest cost. This further proves the conclusion of Professor F. Malik that there is only one way to properly manage and is universal throughout the world, regardless of culture, institution or type of organization/enterprise.

    Along with consulting services, the publications in Professor Malik’s book series on mastering complexity in the world of the Great Transformation have been translated and widely recommended by Sleader to managers, entrepreneurs. One among those, the book “Management: The Essence of the Craft” is in the Top 15 best books on corporate governance in 2022. The book has introduced and analyzed the most modern management models for young people since the early of the 21st century, meanwhile they have never been known in Vietnam. Those are Wheel of Management Model, General Management Model (GMM), Integrated Management Model (IMS), and so on. At the end of 2022, Sleader continued to compile and released the book: “Navigating into the Unknown: A new way for management, governance and leadership”. The book is really a GPS (navigation device) for Vietnamese managers and businessmen to go fast and be on track with their targets. In 2023 and the following years, Sleader expects to continue to compile and publish all six books in Professor Malik’s book series for managers and entrepreneurs so that more and more Vietnamese businessmen may fully understand the Malik Management System and apply it effectively in their work practice as well as personal life.

    Farewell to 2022, welcome the New Year of 2023, Sleader would like to introduce our Top 10 most remarkable events:

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