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    Malik Institute, Switzerland

    Malik Institute was founded in 1984 in Switzerland by Professor Fredmund Malik, the world’s leading expert in systems management and cybernetics, management and leadership. He is the scholar and the theorist of “The Great Transformation of the Century 21”. He is also the author of the classic “Managing Performing Living” – voted as one of […]

    Vietnam Productivity Institute (VNPI)

    The Vietnam Productivity Institute (VNPI) was established in 1997 as the national productivity agency and the executing agency for programs and projects of the Productivity Organization Asia (APO) in Vietnam. Vietnam Productivity Institute is currently working with APO

    Joshin Consulting and Training Company Limited

    Joshin Consulting and Training Company Limited (abbreviated name: Joshin) was established by experts who worked in large Japanese corporations such as Toyota, Honda, Toto and Panasonic. Joshin has a team of instructors with practical experience in large enterprises.

    Financial Technology Development Institute

    Being a scientific and technological organization that conducts scientific and technological research activities in service of financial management and governance in State agencies and public non-business units; activities related to technology transfer; consulting services, fostering knowledge, skills in financial management, public property, project management, accounting; researching and applying the achievements of the 4.0 technology revolution […]

    The company ARFQUANT

    ARFQUANT Company: Is a consulting company established from the cooperation of experts from Europe and Vietnam in the fields of Insurance Valuation, Risk Management and Corporate Finance. SLEADER cooperates with ARFQUANT Company in training leadership, management, professional working skills for banks in Vietnam.