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  • Strategic partner

    Malik Institute, Switzerland

    The Malik Institute, Switzerland cooperates with Sleader on:

    - Consulting on building and operating business, organizational and local development strategies

    - Conducting short-term training courses for managers and leaders of businesses and organizations in Vietnam

    - Organizing courses combined with practical tours in Europe.

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  • Malik Syntegration

    Smart management tools foster not only organizational coherence and comprehension, but also high consensus, a sense of responsibility, and a steady determination to implement solutions effectively.

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  • Publish

    Management: Essence of the Craft

    The Management Handbook: The Essentials will provide managers with:

    - Correct knowledge of management, i.e., management is regarded as a "profession," similar to "pilot profession" or "medical profession," which requires only one learning and ongoing practice to become proficient.

    - “Right” and “Good” management that is the only management style that anyone should have, whether they are a school principal, a hospital director, a symphony orchestra conductor, or a chief executive officer.

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  • The projects have been implemented

    Testing & Maintenance Center – MobiFone

    – Training management skills: Creative Innovation – Management practice – Problem Solving to implement new strategy of MobiFone

    – Evaluating the Business Management System of Testing & Maintenance Center – MobiFone by using MSA software



    DIC Holdings Construction Joint Stock Company

    Building development strategy of DIC Holdings Construction Joint Stock Company by using Malik Syntegration® method

    Vietnam National Petroleum Group(Petrolimex)

    “Consulting on building development strategy of Vietnam National Petroleum Group in the period 2021-2030, with a vision to 2045”

    Consulting on building a comprehensive development strategy and corresponding component strategies to realize PETROLIMEX’s long-term goal of becoming a leading energy corporation in Vietnam with a global reach.

    Lao Cai Fused Phosphate Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (LAFCO)

    “Reorganize LAFCO’s organizational structure”

    Improve (rebuild) the organizational model of Lao Cai Fused Phosphate, Fertilizer Joint Stock Company (LAFCO) in line with the company’s scale and future development aspirations.

    Tien Nong Industrial & Agricultural Joint Stock Company

    “Building solutions to implement strategies for Tien Nong Industrial & Agricultural Joint Stock Company” by Syntegration method of Malik

    Vietnam Airlines Engineering Company (VAECO)

    Building management accounting system at Aircraft Engineering Company Limited (VAECO), a subsidiary of Vietnam Airlines

  • Why Sleader?

    • International-class management tools and models
    • Application of East and West strategy in construction and implementation of consulting solutions
    • Experienced team of experts
    • Always working with clients to create outstanding results
    • Highly professional working style
  • The team of experts

    Modern thinking professionals with many years of practical experience both domestically and internationally combined with the most advanced training and consulting methods

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    How can management communication become “hyper” effective?

    Communication’s significance in management Just as it would be challenging to execute circulation without financial support, management cannot be done without communication. One of the key tools used by managers to carry out core management tasks and principles is communication. Professor Malik has positioned communication in the third circle of the Management Wheel model (see […]

    Why do organizations fail to execute strategy?

    Choosing a right strategy is only a good start, organizations need to continue to execute the strategy correctly so as to ensure success. Unfortunately, in practice, not many organizations are able to do so. Strategy involves big changes, so this challenges the stability of any organization due to the fact that human nature is generally averse to […]

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