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  • Strategic partner

    Malik Institute, Switzerland

    The Malik Institute, Switzerland cooperates with Sleader on:

    - Consulting on building and operating business, organizational and local development strategies

    - Conducting short-term training courses for managers and leaders of businesses and organizations in Vietnam

    - Organizing courses combined with practical tours in Europe.

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  • Software

    Management System Assessment (MSA)

    MSA provides Vietnamese businesses with a smart management tool to help shorten assessment time and save costs compared to current tools. Administrators can capture an overall picture of the business in just 30 minutes.

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  • Publish

    Decoding the East West Strategy

    The book is published by Hanoi National University Publishing House, printed in color, with highly useful content for Vietnamese businesses such as:

    • Misconceptions about strategy

    • From vision to strategy and policy

    • The right strategy is the one that generates the highest income

    • Strategy Analysis: Strengths and Opportunities

    • Differentiation is at the heart of strategy

    • Why do Vietnamese SMEs not formulate strategies?

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  • The projects have been implemented

    Housing and Urban Development Corporation, Ministry of Defense (MHDI)

    • Building a development strategy for the Corporation

    • Capacity building training for leaders and managers of the Corporation

    • Build internal governance process

    • Monitoring and evaluation of strategy implementation

    Doanh Sinh Trade and Tourist Service Joint Stock Company

    • Develop a development strategy for the Company

    • Training Transfer strategy to all employees of the Company

    • Training to improve corporate governance capacity for leaders and managers of the Company

    • Effective training of skills for employees of the Company

    • Construction & amp; training and transfer of standard operating procedures (SOP) for the Kitchen, Chamber and Restaurant department of the Company

    • Construction & amp; implement bussiness plan

    • Recruitment of human resources

    Ngan Son Joint Stock Company

    • Develop a strategy to stabilize and develop the company in the period of 2017 – 2021 with a vision to 2030

    • Restructuring the organization of the company according to the strategy

    • Training to transfer strategies to all officers and employees of the Company

    • Applying productivity and quality improvement tools in 02 production workshops of the Company

    GDC Hanoi Construction Investment Joint Stock Company

    • Conduct a foundation assessment of the Group

    • Organizing a strategic conference according to the Contractual method of the Malik Institute, Switzerland

    • Develop a development strategy for GDC Hanoi Company with a target of VND 5,000 billion and a series of top 10 professional contractors in Vietnam by 2025.

    • Restructuring the company organization according to strategy

    • Evaluate the strategy implementation

    Vietnam Helicopter Corporation

    • Develop a development strategy for the Corporation for the period 2017 – 2025

    Petrovietnam Chemical and Service Corporation (PV Chem)

    • Training on the direction of building company strategy

    • Building the organizational structure model of the Parent Company and Branches

    • Human resource allocation for the Parent Company and Branches

    • Develop salary and bonus regulations for the parent company and its branches

  • Why choose Sleader?

    • International-class management tools and models
    • Application of East and West strategy in construction and implementation of consulting solutions
    • Experienced team of experts
    • Always working with clients to create outstanding results
    • Highly professional working style
  • The team of experts

    Modern thinking professionals with many years of practical experience both domestically and internationally combined with the most advanced training and consulting methods

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    How to know whether a business is well managed?

    There is a fact that happens in professional football, that when the team wins, the credit belongs to the players, but if it fails, the club owners will think of firing the coach. This is the rigors of professional sports, where the team’s survival and development is based on performance. It should be applied the […]

    Governance system building for business not to depend on individuals

    Family businesses often face a similar problem, which is choosing a successor. When the founders reach retirement age, they all want to leave their children a great legacy that has been built up after a long time, by efforts with their own excellence and of course with a little luck. However, in reality, it is […]

    tư duy chiến lược trong quản trị khủng hoảng

    Crisis management in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic, with its heavy losses on the economy and businesses, has led to a great need for crisis management. It can be said that this is one of the rare times in the business cycle that managers have to face such a profound change. To survive and maintain operations in the “new normal”, […]

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