SLEADER – A 3-year road for building a professional brand strategy consultant

Recognizing the decisive role of the strategy for enterprises as the country has developed the market economy for over 30 years and deeply integrated with the world economy, the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (SLEADER) was established with a clear philosophy: The right path, the bright future. Thus, SLEADER has focused on associating with businesses to discover their own unique path from which they can achieve long-term success and a bright future.

Despite domestic and international consultants’ advice that developing a suitable strategy, if invested, impacts the execution of activities relating to human resources, finance, and technology; in fact, national businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, pay little attention to strategy. Meanwhile, large enterprises’ monopoly position minimizes their need for a strategy; strategies, if available, are only for display. On the other hand, some businesses even have strategy developed by consultants, however, they only lose bad money because of  difficulties in the implementation phase.

Therefore, SLEADER, wanting to be different from others, shifts from work for to work with. This means SLEADER will co-build a strategy with an enterprise’s key members, then they will guide employees and customers through this newly built strategy. In other words, instead of “delivery-and-finish”, SLEADER commit to co-operating with enterprises in consultation solutions, which focus on system management and a clear goal-setting approach. With this approach, SLEADER has cooperated and implemented consulting projects for Ngan Son Joint Stock Company; GDC Hanoi Construction Investment Joint Stock Company; Petrochemical Services and Chemicals Corporation (PVChem); Doanh Sinh Trading and Service Joint Stock Company and many other projects.

The Institute for Strategic Leadership and Development (SLEADER) participated in launching ceremony of 5S program in strategic implementation at Ngan Son Joint Stock Company.

Three years of co-working with businesses may not be long, but projects advised by SLEADER all have created outstanding results, which positively impact partners’ quality. For example, NST revenue increased by 1.66 (2019/2018); GDC revenue increased by 2.4 times after two years of implementation; PV Chem profit in 2019 increased by 2.38 times compared to 2018.

sự thay đổi của Công ty Ngân Sơn

Changes after implementing strategy of Ngan Son Joint Stock Company

Though still young, SLEADER is confident in its ability since it owns a theoretical framework that perfectly balances Vietnam’s modernity and practicality. With SLEADER’s perspective, the strategy can be expressed in a simple way, easy to understand but no less profound. Besides, creativity in applying strategic science into Vietnam’s business environment is always prioritized in every consultancy project that SLEADER carries out.

As further strengthened, in 2019, SLEADER signed a cooperation agreement with a strategic partner, the Malik Institute, Switzerland, one of Europe’s leading consulting organizations with nearly 1,000 business consultants in the world with leading names such as Siemens of Germany, Airbus of France, Exxon Mobil of the United States.

Professor Fredmund Malik, known as the pioneer of the well-known Syntegration method, has spoken highly of the similarities between the two institutes in philosophy and approach. He said that the cooperation between SLEADER, Vietnam and Malik Institute, Switzerland will maximize the strengths of each party to produce perfect and feasible consulting solutions for Vietnamese businesses. The solutions will result from the use of modern tools in the Malik Management System in combination with SLEADER’s East-West harmonious strategic thinking.

Dr. Duong Thi Thu, Director of Research Institute for Strategic Leadership and Development and PhD. Constatin Malik, Executive Director of Global Relations and Development of the Malik Institute, Switzerland took a souvenir photo during the MOU signing ceremony on February 25, 2019.

SLEADER Institute and Malik Institute jointly organized the program “Application of Malik Management System in Business Administration”.

Walking in this turning point, SLEADER and the Malik Institute, Switzerland are implementing strategy consulting activities for large enterprises and large corporations to create higher values, contribute to the take off of Vietnam’s economy in the near future.

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