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    Eliminating Weaknesses – Management Error

    “To err is human” – every man has his weakness. However, some people achieve outstanding results at work, others do not. So, what is the reason for the difference? It is easier to imagine from the football field, where the results are rather visible. Manchester United (MU) under the direction of Sir Alex Ferguson was […]

    How can management communication become “hyper” effective?

    Communication’s significance in management Just as it would be challenging to execute circulation without financial support, management cannot be done without communication. One of the key tools used by managers to carry out core management tasks and principles is communication. Professor Malik has positioned communication in the third circle of the Management Wheel model (see […]

    Why do organizations fail to execute strategy?

    Choosing a right strategy is only a good start, organizations need to continue to execute the strategy correctly so as to ensure success. Unfortunately, in practice, not many organizations are able to do so. Strategy involves big changes, so this challenges the stability of any organization due to the fact that human nature is generally averse to […]

    Management: Essence of the Craft

    Introduction about publication The 21st century is in witness of the strong development of technology and unpredictable changes in the socio-economic environment around the world. Most recently, the Covid-19 pandemic took place unexpectedly and upset completely the way of functioning of all nations, institutions, businesses and individuals. The fact shows that, Europe, especially Switzerland and […]

    Does the business need managing?

    A few decades ago, very few people knew and used the term “management,” except for the English-speaking countries. But as management gained popularity around the world, the term gradually lost its original meaning and took on others, including some that were quite absurd. For example, the term “management” is often used when referring to business […]

    How to gather the collective intelligence?

    There is a Japanese proverb that says: “No one of us is as smart as all of us”, an old Chinese proverb says: “Three cobblers are equal to one Zhuge Liang”. These proverbs are somewhat similar to the Vietnamese proverb that goes: “One tree alone can’t make a hill; three trees together make a high mountain”. Despite of being expressed in very different ways, […]

    How to know whether a business is well managed?

    There is a fact that happens in professional football, that when the team wins, the credit belongs to the players, but if it fails, the club owners will think of firing the coach. This is the rigors of professional sports, where the team’s survival and development is based on performance. It should be applied the […]

    Governance system building for business not to depend on individuals

    Family businesses often face a similar problem, which is choosing a successor. When the founders reach retirement age, they all want to leave their children a great legacy that has been built up after a long time, by efforts with their own excellence and of course with a little luck. However, in reality, it is […]