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    How to know whether a business is well managed?

    There is a fact that happens in professional football, that when the team wins, the credit belongs to the players, but if it fails, the club owners will think of firing the coach. This is the rigors of professional sports, where the team’s survival and development is based on performance. It should be applied the […]

    Governance system building for business not to depend on individuals

    Family businesses often face a similar problem, which is choosing a successor. When the founders reach retirement age, they all want to leave their children a great legacy that has been built up after a long time, by efforts with their own excellence and of course with a little luck. However, in reality, it is […]

    tư duy chiến lược trong quản trị khủng hoảng

    Crisis management in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic, with its heavy losses on the economy and businesses, has led to a great need for crisis management. It can be said that this is one of the rare times in the business cycle that managers have to face such a profound change. To survive and maintain operations in the “new normal”, […]

    TS. Dương Thu tại cuộc trao đổi với phóng viên chương trình Doanh nghiệp – Doanh nhân

    Efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses need management tools to overcome difficulties

    The COVID-19 pandemic is causing great losses to businesses all around the world in general, and Vietnamese businesses in particular. Therefore, in order to survive and maintain business operations in the “new normal”, leaders must have thoughts and take actions beyond the traditional way, by using management tools. modern. To help businesses gain more in-depth […]

    Steps for effective strategic transformation of businesses in the 21st century

    The 21st century begins and continues with many complex and unpredictable events: from the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US to the 2008 financial crisis and most recently the COVID-19 epidemic. These challenges seem to be becoming more and more pressing, so it’s urgent need for business managers to have an effective approach and management […]

    How to know whether a business has a strategy or not?

    “How to know whether a business has a strategy or not?”. This is valuable information that many people want to know, especially those with interests related to the business such as: owners, investors, banks, corporate bond buyers, suppliers and competitors. As an organization with in-depth expertise in strategy, Sleader often receives such a typical question […]

    Nữ tiến sĩ toán học đoạt HCV xe đạp Olympic Tokyo - Ảnh: Reuters

    Outperformance with distinguished strategic thinking

    Despite the fact that The Tokyo Olympics is held in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic surrounding the world, the spirit of conquering the peak of the athletes is still at the high level, in which the most impressive one is probably Anna Kiesenhofe, PhD in mathematics, Austrian amateur cyclist who won the Gold Medal […]

    Doanh nghiệp cần làm gì trong làn sóng covid mới nhất TS. Dương Thị Thu

    What businesses need to do in the new wave of COVID?

    The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and changed a variety of factors related to customers on a global scale: from the value’s point of view, behaviours, ways of shopping and choosing products and services. These changes are considered to certainly have profound effects on the operations of business. During an interview in VTV2’s Industry and Trade […]