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    Starbucks has successfully become a global brand thanks to its clear strategy and consistent execution

    Direction is more important than speed

    The coffee shop owner and the situation of most startups “One Sunday afternoon coffee shop, with only the owner and only one guest. The third wave of the COVID epidemic has just flooded Hanoi, making the shop even more deserted. The guest leisurely sipped the sweet coffee at the beginning of the year. In a […]

    Do not just do what you are good at

    “Do not just do what you are good at” – A suggestion that is not like everyone’s thinking, but is a direction that few individuals or businesses think about to make a breakthrough. As Professor Michael Porter of the prestigious Harvard University has advised everyone: “Focusing only on resources or knowledge and ignoring competitive position […]

    Decoding the East-West Strategy – The key to success for Vietnamese businesses

    According to the General Statistics Office, among the bankrupt enterprises in the first 3 years, there are nearly 95% of enterprises with capital less than 10 billion VND (ie small enterprises). One of the main reasons is that business leaders lack skills in management and strategic planning, leading to the situation of unskilled work, “rushing” […]

    How we transform Volkswagen

    Volkswagen is unique: a vast, highly complex Group and a major challenge for any manager! Just a few facts and figures to illustrate the scale: over 11 million vehicles sold annually (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles), 12 brands, 670,000 employees, over 50 percent family-owned, 20 percent held by the Federal State of Lower Saxony, influential […]

    Cuộc Đại chuyển đổi – sự thay đổi sâu sắc nhờ đổi mới (Nguồn: Fredmund Malik, Quản lý hiệu quả trong một thế giới Đại chuyển đổi, NXB Thanh Niên, 2017)

    Syntegration – Breakthrough solution to major challenges of organizations

    The 21st century, with its complex and unpredictable events: from the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the US to the financial crisis of 2008 and most recently, the SARS Covid 2 epidemic, has caused administrators facing many difficulties in operating and determining the direction of the organization. Although, before that, Professor Fredmund Malik said that there […]

    Love culture in business administration

    Love is not a luxury but the foundation of great and enduring goals and goals, especially in business. At the age of 18, after many years of experience both successes and failures, Warren Buffett chose to live with dignity as he did in the book How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. […]

    The new role of HR in times of turmoil

    The Covid-19 pandemic has caused enormous disruptions in life and in business, human resources (HR) are key to company support and also a catalyst for change in the workplace. job. Organizations need to think, evaluate and re-examine how talent is nurtured, deliver new services, and strengthen the organization through innovative HR strategies – how to […]

    Effective management according to modern management thinking

    A successful manager, first of all, must be an effective one. But what is “effective” and how “effective”, each agency, even each person, has