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    Message from the Director

    With the philosophy of the Right Path and a Bright Future, the Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research (Sleader) was established with the mission of accompanying and helping businesses to find a distinct development path to achieve sustainably outstanding achievements. The difference in Sleader’s Consulting services is that we provide enforceable, practical and effective solutions for customers. To affirm, Sleaders processes the core capabilities with 03 main features, including: (1) World-class management model and tools transferred by Malik Institute, Switzerland, namely: Syntegration, Sensimood, MSA Program… (2) Technology know-how is researched and appraised in practice in Vietnam by decoding the paradoxes of the incorporation of East-West management, part of which has been published in  “Decoding the East-West Strategy”; (3) Professional and civilized style in work which is shown and started from very small things, the respect for the interests of customers by offering the high-quality, consistent and inclusive consulting services and products. The spirit of Win-win is always appreciated in every relationship and cooperation that Sleader commits to.

    It is the difference mentioned above, shortly after being operated, the Institute has been chosen by partners with big brands to cooperate. After implementing the solutions proposed by Sleader, these enterprises had significantly increased business activities. Remarkably, some companies which previously were on the verge of loss and deadlock, have also risen up to the Top 10 of the Group, despite being affected by Covid-19.

    The 21st century is characterized by complexity and the “VUCA” business environment, we believed that with the support of Malik Institute, Switzerland – a leading European consulting organization on effective management and leadership, Sleader Institute will provide many valuable consulting services to Vietnam business community, thereby contributing to realizating the nation’s aspirations by 2045.

    Director of Sleader

    Dr. Duong Thi Thu

    Read more about Sleader’s profile here


    Why Sleader?

    Combining East and West in building and implementing consulting solutions

    With practical scientific researches, Sleader decodes by harmoniously combining the synthesized, profound perspective of the East with the coherent, rational analysis of the West. Therefore, the proposed and deployed consulting solutions will both inherit the ancient cultural values ​​of the East and the modernity, civilization and popularity of the West.

    The system of international-class management tools and models

    Sleader owns the world’s most modern management toolset led by a strategic partner, the Malik Institute, Switzerland, a leading European consulting organization on system thinking, effective leadership and management. delivery. Sleader creatively applied models such as: Two S-curves, Contract, Sensimod,, MSA software…. into the unique environment and context of Vietnam.

    Accompanying customers to create outstanding results

    With the philosophy of “accompanying customers”, Sleader does not just stop at proposing solutions, but also commits to accompany partners / businesses to implement consulting solutions through activities such as: transfer training, monitoring, testing and evaluation to ensure the implementation process achieves clear and outstanding results.

    Professional and civilized style in doing the job

    Sleader’s professional and civilized style is expressed and starts from very small things, always respecting the interests of customers by providing them with quality consulting products and services. and consistent. Win-Win spirit is always appreciated in the relationship and cooperation between Sleader with partners and customers.

    The team of experts has the spirit of conquest

    Slaeder has a team of experts in many different fields, both domestically and internationally. In addition to the deep expertise and rich practical experience, the spirit of conquest is a difference of experts. Overcoming the challenges and handling thorny problems posed by our client partners is always the mission that Sleader experts always remind themselves to do. Therefore, Sleader only focuses on the difficult and not for the majority area, that is strategic leadership.

    Team of experts


    Director of Vietsourcing Business Consultancy Company Limited

    • Expert in Finance, Management Accounting
    • Specialist in consulting on building Internal Control system; establishing Standard Costing system, Accounting system and Budget planning process, managing, and tracking investment projects
    • Member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
    • Holding key positions in enterprises: Vice Director – Head of Business Consultancy services and Technical Director and Director of Vietsourcing Training Center, Finance Manager of DKT International in Vietnam, Director of Business Consultancy services under ECOVIS Licensee.


    Founder, Director, Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Studies

    • Expert in Strategy, Human Resource Management and Organization Leadership
    • Over 12 years of experience in strategy development, corporate restructuring and background assessment
    • Director of consulting and training projects for large enterprises in Vietnam
    • A pioneer in researching and applying Europe’s most modern management tools and models of the Institute of Malik, Switzerland for Vietnamese businesses.
    • Editor of the book “Decoding East-West Strategy”, Hanoi National University Publishing House, 2020


    Dean of Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics and Law, Ho Chi Minh City National University

    • Expert in corporate governance, strategy, leadership and entrepreneurship
    • Successful research and application of effective management into public sector governance, helping to reduce of the time assigned to perform assigned functions.
    • Co-editor of the book: Decoding East-West strategy
    • Translator of 02 books: Essential Contemporary Management and Human Resource Management


    Director in charge of Australia and Southeast Asia, Malik Institute, Switzerland

    • Expert in applying system thinking to complex management
    • Australian Leadership Award 2011 from Australian Davos Connection forum (ADC)
    • Vice President, International Federation for Systems Research (IFSR)
    • Co-founder, Think2Impact ™ Pty Ltd, Canberra, Australia; Complex Management and Systems Design Alliance, University of Adelaide, Australia
    • Lecturer, School of Integrative Systems, University of Queensland, Australia


    Leading expert in change management solutions

    • Lawyer, Executive Director of Global Relations and Development, Malik Institute, Switzerland
    • Founder and Chairman of Sunium Company (The Netherlands) specializes in providing solutions for conflict management and change
    • Master in Complex Management, Cybernetics & Biological Simulation Malik
    • Specializes in applying system thinking to risk management and change environment
    • Consultant and design feasible system models
    • The author of the book Ahead of Change. Edition MALIK. 1. Edition. Campus, 2010


    Senior specialist, Malik Institute, Switzerland

    • Expert in Strategy, Human Resource Management and Organization Leadership
    • Over 12 years of experience in strategy development, corporate restructuring and background assessment
    • Director of consulting and training projects for large enterprises in Vietnam
    • A pioneer in researching and applying Europe’s most modern management tools and models of the Institute of Malik, Switzerland for Vietnamese businesses.
    • Editor of the book “Decoding East-West Strategy”, Hanoi National University Publishing House, 2020

    Assoc. Prof. Dr HOANG VAN HAI

    Director of the Institute of Business Administration, Hanoi Financial And Banking University

    • Senior expert in strategy, human resource management and organizational leadership
    • A pioneer in applying East-West harmonious approach in strategic analysis
    • Over 30 years of experience in training and consulting businesses
    • Lead consultant for many strategic development and restructuring projects for large companies in Vietnam
    • Senior advisor of Deo Ca Group – a leading group of investment in transport infrastructure development in Vietnam


    Chairman of the board, BestB Capital

    • Professionals in areas related to business strategy, HR management, marketing and branding.
    • More than 10 years as a manager, leader of a different business
    • Awarded: “For the development of ASEAN community”, “Achievement of developing Vietnamese community work in Laos”
    • Awarded the title of “Excellent Manager in ASEAN Doi Moi”.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr NGUYEN THI HANH

    Director of Center for Francophone Research and Cooperation Asia - Pacific (CECOFAP); Diplomatic Academy Senior Lecturer.

    • Expert in fields related to world culture and civilization, international relations
    • Keynote speaker in Western culture forums in a comparative perspective with Vietnam
    • Visiting Lecturer at Hoa Dong Pedagogical University, Shanghai, China; Paris University of Advanced Education; University of Montpellier 3 and University of Le Havre, France.


    Deputy Finance Manager, Business Analysis & Planning Director at Saigon - Hanoi Bank (SHB)

    • Specialist in the field of finance, accounting and management
    • Member of the British Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA)
    • Taking on key positions at corporations and companies: Saigon – Hanoi Bank (SHB); Vietnam Military Bank; Standard Chartered Bank Vietnam; Citibank Vietnam; Development projects of the European Commission in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam
    • Key role in building corporate governance accounting system, financial risk management, strategic planning for many Vietnamese businesses and corporations.


    Deputy Director of 3N Link Link Technology Development Company Limited

    • Expert advice on business improvement, technology management and production operations
    • Participate in many consulting projects to help businesses reduce waste, improve productivity, and increase profits
    • Assuming many key positions related to product and technology development at organizations and enterprises: Assistant to the Director of FPT Technology Research Institute, Deputy Director of Production and R&D of Elepharma Joint Stock Company, Deputy Production Director of Lan Sau Mechanical and Trade Co., Ltd.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr MAI THANH LAN

    Senior Lecturer, Head of Department of Corporate Human Resource Management, College of Commerce

    • Human resource management specialist; corporate culture, leadership
    • Lead consultant / main expert in many projects on building human resource management system, salary and bonus system, job description system and 3P salary, performance evaluation regulations according to BSC and KPIs for many large businesses
    • Authors of books on human resource management and job performance evaluation


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