• Foundations of Directorship

    Talent Management Strategy

    Talents are the “vitality” of the corporate. The product of this consultancy package is a design for the talented ecosystem.

    The main parts of this consultancy package are listed below:
    • Evaluating the current state of human resource management environment.
    • Recommending talent strategies to ensure successful implementation of the strategy and production targets.
    • Providing policies to attract, recruit, deploy and develop talents.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Competencies Framework

    The competency framework is the foundation for developing individual capabilities for long-term goal in a systematic way.

    The main parts of this consultancy package include:
    • Defining the framework of the core, leadership-management and expertise competences.
    • Describing details of the competency levels (competency dictionary).
    • Designing of competency assessment and competency development model.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Performance Evaluation System BSC/KPI

    The talent war has been taking place in some industries such as finance – banking, IT and is spreading to other industries. Enterprises are increasingly competing fiercely for good personnel. Businesses without employer brands are increasingly vulnerable to recruiting efforts.

    The main parts of this consultancy package consist of:
    • Evaluating the brand situation.
    • Researching the target human resources market.
    • Brand positioning and building branding development programs.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Performance Evaluation Tools- BSC/KPI and 3P Compensation

    An effective management system helps businesses to develop business objectives into specific objectives and tasks of each department and employee. The remuneration mechanism is linked to the achievements and contributions of the employees to promote the efforts of the employees.

    The two main parts of this consultancy package comprise:
    • Building performance evaluation system in BSC / KPI model.
    • Building 3P payroll and other incentive mechanisms.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Key human resources Development Program

    Key human resource management focuses on critical corporate positions.
    The products of this consultancy package are:
    • Developing and succeeding leaders, managers.
    • Developing young staff cadre.
    • Developing highly qualified technical and professional staff.


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