• Foundations of Directorship

    Corporate Strategy

    Companies need strategies to orient their development and create significant changes, therefore investing on strategic development is the most decisive investment.

    The contents of the package of consultancy include:
    • Evaluating the company situation from a strategic point of view.
    • Analyzing the foundation of strategy formation.
    • Recommending strategies and solutions for strategy implementation.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Business Unit Strategy

    Companies often pursue more than one areas of business. Therefore, in addition to the corporate strategy, companies need to set up appropriate business strategies in each business area, which must focus on two factors: the market position and the uniqueness to get the market position.

    The contents of this consultancy package comprise:
    • Evaluating the company’s position in the industry;
    • Developing competitive matrixes;
    • Recommending business unit strategies and business projects.

  • Foundations of Directorship

    Public Sector Strategy

    Every province, district, or commune should have a strategy for socio-economic development. Based on which, resources can be appropriately allocated in the context of increasing competition on attracting resources.

    The contents of the package of consultancy are:
    • Evaluating the current situation and potential development of places;
    • Building core competence of the locality;
    • Recommending strategies and ground breaking programs in strategy implementation.


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