Time: 08 days



School Management in the era 4.0

Program message:

In recent decades, Education in Vietnam has obtained significant achievements, which has made great contribution in raising intellectual standards of Vietnamese citizens,  educating the work force  for building, defending and innovating the  country. Besides the remarkable achievements, there are still some issues with the education system, in particular, the mangament mechanism hesitates to innovate, which makes the educational sector fall behind . On the other hand, the industrial revolution 4.0 has created remarkable changes in all aspects of  life, including education, therefore, there is a need of radical  and  comprehensive innovation  in the educational system.

In order to cope with this need, the leaders, managers in educational sector should have comprehensive and objective perspectives as well as the ability to propose long term and strategic solutions.  To reach the root of the problems, we should begin with changing  the thinking  and working styles of the educational management team. As a result, SLEADER designes the program “  Effective School Management in the era 4.0 .” with the purpose of  delivering modern techniques for management teams in educational institutions. The program aims to change the thinking and approach in managing schools, therefore, helping the managers in educational sector to work more efficiently. This will meet the need of innovation of Vietnamese education system in the industrial revolution 4.0.


Leaders of  Department of  Education and Training

– Chief/  Deputy chief of Specialised office in the Department of  Education and Training

– Principle/ Vice Principle from High schools- Kindergartens

– Leaders of  Office of Education and Training in District/ Town/ City Level


The program provides learners with

In- depth knowledge about strategic leadership and school management in the era 4.0

New approach to HR Management, Financial Mangement, branding, creating culture within schools

–  Key skills to enhance management competency in the era 4.0


No. Topics Contents Duration
1 Strategy to develop schools
  • Strategy and sustainable success
  • Buiding strategic aim and vision
  • Choosing strategic option
  • Implementing and supervising the strategy
01 day
2 Human Resource Management
  • Talent  Attraction and Mangement
  • Efficient use of Human Resource in schools
  • Motivating staff and teachers
  • Evaluating the performance of subordinates
01 day
3 Branding and effective marketing
  • School brand positioning
  • Implementing brand positioning activities
  • Increasing school’s  brand value
  • Organsisng marketing activities
01 day
4 Financial Management in schools
  • Optimal use of budget
  • Managing and increasing the revenue from services
  • Efficient use of resources
  • New regulations in finance for business units
01 day
5 Creating positive school cultures
  • Core values
  • Creating the environment for school culture
  • Professional working styles
  • The relationship between schools , family and society
01 day
6 Information system Management  in the era 4.0
  • Building the Management Information system
  • Application of information technology
  • Introducing tools/ software used in school management
01 day
7 Leadership skill 4.0
  • Leadership Image Internationalisation
  • 360 o connection
  • Flexibility to changes
  • Delegation and de-centralisation
01 day
8 Innovation management
  • Establishing environment for innovation
  • Methods to innovate
  • Developing innovating thinking
  • “ Think big – act small ” via initiatives
01 day

 Total duration of the training program

08 days

Contact Information:

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research

Address: Room 1102, Building N02T1, Ngoai Giao Doan, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.



Hotline: 0969 753 688 / 024 3201 1519