Premium Business Administration Course


The rapid development of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 has strongly impacted on all aspects of the socio -economic. In this context, what do businesses have to do to catch the trend and timely take advantage of opportunities?

Business leaders not only have the courage to decide on a sharp business method to adapt to the new era, but also need to have the technological breakthrough in accordance with the trends and business models, especially the technology corporate governance.

Following that approach, the PREMIUM BUSINESS MANAGEMENT training program is designed to update knowledge on corporate governance and administration in the 4.0 era. The course will help staffs in core leadership positions change in thinking and action to lead businesses to become “great” and “immortal”.

Course Objectives

Training course will provide:

  • Knowledge of business development platform in the 4.0 era
  • Creative thinking to build strategies and to design governance systems ready for every challenge
  • New approach about marketing & branding of businesses and leaders

Khóa học Quản trị kinh doanh cao cấpParticipants

  • Board members, Board of Directors / Functional Directors
  • Head / Deputy heads of departments and divisions
  • Individual person who desires to become a leader, Business management


Experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of leadership, management, our experts have entrepreneurial spirit and modern approach. Moreover, they currently work in enterprises, large economic organizations, and  Vietnam’s flagship universities.



No. Topics Content Time
1 Strategy and success of businesses
  • Strategic context in the 4.0 era
  • Business strategy by approaching 4.0
  • Restructuring the organization and system settings
  • Culture and strategic leadership
  • Control and adjust the strategy
03 sessions
2 Leadership competency
  • Factors of leadership competency
  • Enlightenment from internal spirit
  • Create engaging images,
  • Building belief
  • Business leadership and social responsibility
  • Build a professional leader image
03 sessions
3 Building a business development foundation
  • Nature of enterprise development platform
  • “Four pillars” of the enterprise development foundation
  • Leading and building a business development platform
02 sessions
4 Marketing and branding
  • Analysis of customer needs, markets, products
  • Marketing strategy & tools; Marketing Mix
  • Brand and brand’s valuePositioning for branding
  • Brand of business and brand of leaders


03 sessions
5 Communication Art
  • The importance of business communication
  • The art of listening in communication
  • Modern communication culture
  • Body language in communication
  • Professional appearance and outfit


02 sessions
6 Designing the management system to ready for challenge 4.0
  • The road to become “great” and “immortal” leadership
  • Implementing goals to all levels using BSC’s “scorecard”
  • Establishing appropriate apparatus with strategic objectives
  • Operating the apparatus based on leadership, people and processes
  • The challenge of revolution 4.0 with organizational design
 02 sessions

Overall time

15 sessions



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