Time: 03 days



Entrepreneurship in the era 4.0


Program message:

Vietnamese government expects that 2018 will mark the transformation of the economy, along with the mission to stay ahead of the technology trend in the era 4.0. In order to make the industrial revolution be the springboard that helps Vietnamese economy to grow, there are 2 important factors. One is SMEs and their board of Directors, the second one are  the adjustmemts in policy at many districts, province in the country.

The industrial revolution 4.0 has blurred the distinction between countries thanks to the connection between consumers and producers, but more importantly, the connection between state management, businesses and consumers.

The development of technology has helped the image of each region become more accessible, which brings numerous advanatges and opportunities that cannot be overlooked.

Currently, in many countries in the world, regional marketing has become popular and brought impressive results. The regional leaders with modern thinking and multi-dimensional views to catch up with the fast-changing society will be a strong internal force to grow the local economy, which can create efficient  business enviroment for local enterprises to obtain remarkable developments.

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research SLEADER with top experts in researching, creating strategies has designed the program “Entrepreneurship in the era 4.0” with the hope that each managerial office is a determined factor in the local economy development,  leading and accompanying enterprises to stay ahead of the industrial revolution 4.0 that the government currently focuses on.


The program provides

In- depth knowledge about creating vision and choosing strategy that is appropriate with local socio-economic conditions in the era 4.0

A new approach in promoting the local image to attract resources that can be used in implementing strategies and deploying projects

Skills to enhance efficiency in management


Senior executives who are working in party and state institutions; political and social organizations at province, district, town, city level of Vietnam.


Experts who have pratical experience, in depth knowledge about leadership, management and regional development, and are currently working in businesses, large corporations, leading universities of Vietnam.


No. Topics Contents Duration
1 Strategic thinking to create socio- economic development in the era 4.0
  • Strategy and sustainable success
  • Creating realistic vision and objectives in the era 4.0
  • Choosing the appropriate strategy
  • Pratical experience
01 day
2 Regional Marketing
  • Regional marketing- a new approach for public sector organizations
  • The tools to implement regional marketing strategies
  • The combined use  of private sector organizations and public sector organizations in regional marketing
  • Creating regional marketing strategies
01 day
3 Applying entrepreneurship in practical work.
  • Entrepreneurship – an unique method to organize tasks
  • The content of entrepreneurship
  • The methods to apply entrepreneurship in practical work
01 day
Total duration of the training program 03 days


Contact Information:

Institute for Strategic Leadership Development Research

Address: Room 1102, Building N02T1, Ngoai Giao Doan, Xuan Tao, Bac Tu Liem, Hanoi.



Hotline: 0969 753 688 / 024 3201 1519